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Thread: 1 year and counting!

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    Tomorrow my dd will turn 1! She is still nursing very well! I am ready for more sleep...I'd like to gently night wean...but both of her big sisters still nursed 1x a night until they were weaned. So it might just be wishful thinking. I swore...swore I would not get back on coffee with this baby...as I really and truly thought it effected my dd#2 and her sleep. Well....I caved and have been drinking 2 cups of fantastic french press coffee each day! I do not have any other caffeine...no soda or anything else.

    She slept*all*night for 3-4 months solid when she was sucking her thumb...(mama only drinking decaf) and I could put her down awake and she would go to sleep. Somehow...I guess it was when she was cutting 2-3 teeth at once...I just got out of what we were doing and began to comfort nurse her back to sleep. (mama tired and back on coffee in the morning) She has not sucked her thumb now for about 3 months and I have to admit I miss the fact that she had it to self-soothe.

    I read a few articles about caffeine and BF today. The last two nights she has been a BEAR to get to sleep. Restless...rolling all over me, fussy, and just not able to settle down...and she is TIRED! I realized I think I should try to test her out and see if caffeine is the culprit.. then maybe we can try some no-cry sleep tips..

    Pleased we made it a year! Planning to let her self wean. Hoping to make it 2 years like her sisters did!
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    Congrats & Happy B-day to your LO!!
    FWIW, my dd was sleeping great until she started teething. It was all downhill from there.
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