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Thread: Thrush?

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    I just wanted to get the opinion of other mommies. A few months ago I had to take some antibiotics and got thrush. I was on and off for about 12 weeks so the thrush never really cleared. It's been about 5 or weeks since I have been done and I swear I still have thrush. I used oil of oregano but it didn't help. Between that and the garlic oil I was using for an ear ache I smelled like a pizza!

    I still nurse my 12 month old but I feel like I almost need to give up because I can't stand the pain in my left side anymore. I have resorted to just pumping on that side. It's tender to the touch and nursing is just out of the question!

    Do I need to call my doc and get get a prescription? Any ideas? What worked for you? Any encouragement to stick with it? I'd love to keep nursing but I'm tired of the soreness? Does this even sound like thrush?

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    Your inner voice is telling you to call the doctor.
    call the doctor before deciding to wean.
    You can get real relief from the pain of thrush and the meds. do work.
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    Can you describe the soreness a bit more? Are you experiencing any of the following:
    - redness or pinkness of the skin of the breast, nipple, or areola
    - cracking
    - flaking skin
    - itchiness
    - burning sensations
    - a white or yellowish dot on the nipple that may be raised after nursing
    - blocked or plugged ducts

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