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Thread: Lactose and Tolerant??!!

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    I nursed my first child until he was 7 months with no problem. I want so badly to do the same with my daughter although its becoming really challenging. She is so fussy and throws up after every feeding. I tried giving her mylicon thinking it was simply gas, but she just throws that up too. Her DR told me it was colic. Then after another week of fighting with her, I asked for zantac thinking it was acid reflex. That didn't help. I then took her to my chiropractor, that didn't help. I finally bought soy formula and everything went away. My issue is I am lactose and tolerant and really don't consume that much dairy. I don't know what to do. I gave her the soy formula for more than 48 hrs and wanted to make sure that it was my milk. So I nursed her again and all the problems came back right after nursing. My poor husband and stood by me through all the stress. Is she lactose and tolerant? Is there something I can do so she can nurse? Like I said my diet has been totally changed, no dairy, nothing that can cause gas and no caffeine.

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    It is extremely rare for a baby to be lactose intolerant. Baby mammals are designed to digest breastmilk, which is very rich in lactose. But as mammals grow up, they generally stop producing lactase (the enzyme that breaks down the lactose in milk). Making lactase into adulthood is a waste of energy, because no mammals aside from humans routinely consume milk beyond adolescence. While many humans continue to produce sufficient lactase into adulthood, some, like you, do not. Milk is therefore really the only thing we eat that becomes harder to digest as we get older!

    I therefore sincerely doubt that your baby's issue is caused by lactose intolerance. However, it could be a reaction to the dairy in your diet. Babies generally have no trouble with lactose, but many of them have truble with the proteins in cow's milk, and those proteins can come through in your milk. Eating very little dairy is often not enough when a baby is intolerant of cow's milk proteins: you really have to eliminate most, maybe even all dairy. There are other substances that can trouble babies- I suggest taking a look at the allergy forum for information on top allergens and dietary eliminations.

    There are other reasons why you might see the behaviors you describe. Forceful letdowns of milk, generally caused by oversupply, can cause frequent spitting-up, colicky behavior, and gas. How old is your baby?

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    overactive letdown and over supply can cause all those issues. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html Like mommal said it is ETREAMLY rare for an infant to be lactose intolerant and if it is an issue with dairy, its more likely to be cause by cows milk protiens.
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    dear ashjones,
    oh dear. i am sorry your LO is having such a difficult time at the breast. It must be perplexing to see your LO have a successful vomitless feed with the the soy formulas and wondering why she does not have stress free feedings at the breast.
    i'm glad she had a feeding that didn't end with her throwing it all back at you. That tells you important information.
    Physically, mechanically all the working parts in her GI tract are sound.
    Why is breastfeeding not as successful?
    Your milk is in, she knows how to latch, she knows how to suckle, so what is going on?
    Your milk eject could be too forceful for her to comfortably control with her tongue and swallow. Some moms find that if they only nurse from one breast for any given 2 hour time frame their babies do better.
    some moms find that the baby nurses better in a semi-sit position to control the flow better.
    some moms find that their babies need to be burped during a feed.
    has your baby been gaining weight despite the excessive spitting up?
    intuitively we moms trust our bodies and our breastmilk to be the right food for our babies.
    perhaps you could ask a local LLL Leader to observe a feeding and maybe she could shed some light on your situation.
    Good luck and please re-visit theses forums to let us know if any of theses tips helped.
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    She is 6 weeks. If it is over let down how can I reduce this? Like I said I want to nurse her so much. It's frustrating to see her so uncomfortable. I don't know how I can help her. She is latched on correctly and I have tried all the different positions. I have noticed her vomiting seems to be more pronounced at night.she is gaining weight normally. Also I haven't been nursing her for the past few days bc she was doing well on formula and to be honest I was ready to quite. I have passed the first engagement stage, I still have some milk but not nearly as much as before. Will my milk can make to full swing if I solely nurse or is it a done deal?
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    Here's a link regarding overactive letdown: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

    It could most definitely be the problem. It could also likely be an allergy or intolerance. There are MANY babies who can't tolerate dairy, wheat, egg, soy protein, or any number of things in mom's diet however, dairy seems to be the most common culprit. You can still have a very successful and rewarding breastfeeding relationship with your lo! Finding out the cause can be tricky, but you can do it with some time and patience! My first ds had vomitting issues and it continued for far too long before we figured out that it was indeed a dairy allergy. I would suggest checking out the allergy section of the boards for more info.

    Hang in there mama. I know first hand how tough it is to be projectile vomitted on with nearly every feed....
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    It's not a done deal! You can increase your milk supply at any time. If you want to continue nursing, I suggest putting the baby to the breast as often as possible and, since your milk supply may have decreased significantly after several days of not nursing (or pumping?) at all, topping up with formula as necessary.

    Just a few words on spit-up: as long as the baby spits up without discomfort, spitting is a normal part of infancy, and can be treated as a laundry issue rather than a health issue. However, if the baby seems uncomfortable when spitting up, you may be dealing with reflux. I know you've already tried Zantac, but it seems that with reflux babies you often have to tinker with the meds and the dosage before finding something that works.

    The fact that you baby spits more at night could point to reflux, since if you lie her down after nursing the reflux would probably be worse than if you kept her upright. It could also point to OALD, since many moms have more milk at night, and the more milk there is the faster it comes out.

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    How long do you think it will take for my milk to come back in? I'm getting some when I pump but no where near enough to feed her. I wish I would've posted on here before taking her off the breast.
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    It depends on how much your supply decreased, how much you nurse, how much you pump, and how you as an individual respond to the nursing and pumping. So it's hard to say exactly how long it would take to get your supply to where it needs to be. But if your baby has been off the breast for only a few days, it's probably not going to take too long to get things back on track.

    If OALD was a problem for you, it was probably connected to an oversupply of milk. So don't feel like you need to get back to being engorged- if you were engorged prior to taking the baby off the breast. Just watch your baby's diaper output. As long as you are seeing the right number of wets per day, your baby is getting what she needs.

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