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Thread: Need Help with Supply

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    I'm so sorry that you're so tired and stressed. Great info from the PPs. I just want to add that nursing throughout the night is helping maintain your supply. Trying to limit that will only add to any supply problems.

    You could consider pumping immediately after nursing. This will signal your body that you need more milk and can help you build your supply up. You probably won't get much milk, if any, from these pumping sessions but doing this for awhile will cause milk production to increase to meet the extra demand. Can you try to add an extra pumping session or two to help retrieve more milk for daycare? Maybe on the weekend? Doing that can help stimulate extra milk production as well. I know you are already tired and these things will mean extra efforts for a little while as you body adjusts, but they can often work even better than supplements to increase milk production.

    I still think that it might be helpful to try smaller bottles. Three 4 ounce bottles = two 6 ounce bottles (or even four 3 ounce bottles which is what works for me, but may be a little too much of a deviation for you). So you could send the same amount, but if he didn't need all of the bottles you would find yourself under less pressure to increase your pumping output.

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    Thanks everyone.

    Cosleeping is not an option. Not only do I not believe in it, there just isn't room in the bed. Plus, I would be too worried about rolling over.

    Adding some formula to his bottle last night worked. Then this morning I fed him from the breast and pumped the rest. I think I have a plan and I have a week's vacation to work with it.

    At this point I know I have done good - better than some - and my baby will be healthy because of my choices. I shouldn't be stressed about anything because with kids/babies you never know.

    I know you all say 6 oz is a lot but he is eating within the daily range. He never spits up and he actually gets mad if you give him less. Since I pump 3 oz, I bet he gets close to 6 when he feeds since he is much more efficient than the pump.

    Cross your fingers - this week we transition from the bassinet to the crib. I am sure it will go much better for my laid back little man than it will for me. I think I might actually miss him But, he is getting to long for the bassinet so, time to move on. He's growing up so fast!!

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    We have a good schedule going and I think trying to add another bottle would throw him off too much. He takes two 2-3 hours naps between 6 am and 1 pm and then a short one from 3-4 pm and since I get home around 5, my mom only gives him 4 oz so I am able to feed him before he goes to bed at 7 (from the breast). Then, right before I wake him at 9:30 I pump and feed him that plus a couple oz formula. It worked last night so hopefully it will continue to work. So, he eats at the breast twice (morning and evening). And Daddy gets to spend some time with him in the morning while I pump (since Daddy says I hog the baby!). I didn't do bottles in the middle of the night cause it just didn't seem to make sense to make Daddy take the time to warm up a bottle and then it takes baby 20-30 mins to eat from bottle (where he can eat from both breasts in 15 mins). But, alas, sleep deprivation finally got to me. I held on like a trooper though

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mayfair View Post
    My freezer stores are depleted and I have had to add 2 ounces of formula to each of his bottles at daycare (my parents) to supplement. I would rather not do this as I love breastfeeding.
    from your initial post it seemed like you were not happy about using formula and wanted methods for avoiding that. even the title of the thread. your most recent post seems as though you have changed your mind.

    pumping is hard work and does require us to really listen to our bodies and work those needs into a demanding life of work and family. it can be done.

    that being said, you need to find what works best for you.
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    Just to update you all, I did end up giving in. I am feeding him in the morning and evening from breast for as long as that will hold out but he is getting formula during the day. He is doing well with it. I'm glad I made it this far Thank you all for all the advice. You did keep me going a little longer cause when I started this thread, I was ready to quick then and there. I will miss it but I don't regret my decision. Thanks again

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    glad you are doing well.

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