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Thread: When is it ok to introduce peanuts?

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    Default Re: When is it ok to introduce peanuts?

    I would wait until a year.....

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    Default Re: When is it ok to introduce peanuts?

    I think L was just over a year, and B was probably around 15 months... We've had issues with allergies as well, but nuts seem to be A-OK.
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    Default Re: When is it ok to introduce peanuts?

    I've been told by LO's pedi that worrying about when to introduce a food can limit the childs diet which ends up being more harmful then introducing most foods. idk Its not his baby he was talking about. I'm to terrified to give my lo peanuts or any nuts even with the epi-pen handy. But LO does have allergies and we have not be able to figure them all out.
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    Shiloh grabbed a PB&J off my plate at 10mos and wolfed it down. He had no rxn but we waited until a yr afterthat because I was concerned about choking. Joey was right at a year.
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    Latest recommendations are to NOT delay intro of "highly allergenic" foods UNLESS there is a family history of allergies. FWIW - specific allergy is not genetic so "no history of PEANUT" allergy is meaningless when you're trying to figure out if your LO might be allergic to pb.
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