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Thread: No solids for a year? Doctor and LC disagree!

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    Default Re: No solids for a year? Doctor and LC disagree!

    Does your baby have any health issues? Any immunity issues? IMHO, there's a big difference between changing what you're doing because of an actual issue, and if it's because of the potential of there being an issue.
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    Default Re: No solids for a year? Doctor and LC disagree!

    I agree with a PP about getting a blood test at 9 months. My DS was EBF until 6 months old when our doc. told us we could introduce solids. We did so, but my DS was not all that into it even though he clearly showed signs of readiness. He ate very little in the form of solids, but was still nursing very well, by the time he was 9 months old and we had our next doc. visit. At that visit my doc. did a blood test to check for iron levels, and sure enough, his iron was low. So, even though he was eating some solids, albeit very little, he still had low iron levels. My doc. prescribed an iron supplement to help with his levels. At 12 months, his levels were normal and no longer a concern, although my doc. wants me to continue giving the iron supplement as long as I'm breastfeeding.

    So, that was our experience. Even though my DS was eating some solids, he still had low iron. I hope I didn't confuse the issue more, but I wanted to share my experience.

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    Default Re: No solids for a year? Doctor and LC disagree!

    That is so weird. My son was also a preemie, born at 33 weeks.
    My SIL is a pediatrician that is VERY conventional (she weans all of her babies around 12 months and goes by regulated standards)

    She said introduce foods at 6 months corrected age. It is very dangerous to give preemies food too early and you have to take gestational age into account.

    Anyway, at 8 months we introduced solids. He hated them, refused. The best we could get we think he may have had two bites in his mouth that he accidentally swallowed. We did this every day for months.

    Around a year he wised up and would take the bites and walk somewhere else in the house and spit it out.

    Anyway, it wasn't until about 13 months that he would willingly eat food. He never became anemic in that time-frame (we had him tested)-

    However, at 18 months when his solids picked up to normal speed we found out he was mildly anemic. Go figure.

    It may be worth getting nor just his iron level tested, but also specifically ask for a ferritin test. You can always supplement with just iron.

    My sisters kids were born on time and they also refused solids until around 12 months. She just had baby number 5, and said she doesn't even think twice about it anymore. It is so common for that to happen with EBF babies.

    Oh, it also is important that you aren't anemic! Make sure you get your ferritin levels checked, as well...that is the first sign you are lacking iron.
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