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Thread: On a solids strike

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    Default On a solids strike

    My 9 month old has been on a solids strike for about 3 weeks. I slowly introduced solids around 6 months and just gave them to her a few times a week. Around 7.5 months I started doing it every day - usually an hour after she nurses so that eating solids doesnt replace a nursing session. She was doing great and really loved bananas, avacados and apples best. For the past 3 weeks she will not eat solids. I have been trying every day but dont push too much - I'll sometimes get her to take a bite or two, but she usually spits, or even gags it all out. And now I cant even get her to open her mouth - even for her favorites. I try to make it pleasant and I dont push her - I even tried to feed her when I knew she was hungry for a feeding - she wouldnt eat solids but nursed right after. She is very healthy - above the average for weight and height so I'm not worried about that. I just know around 9 months she should start getting solids twice a day instead of once and I cant even get her to eat anything but breastmilk. I have tried mixing the food with breastmilk too - tried it really smooth or really thick. Always try letting her feed herself which she doesnt do at all- even tried a straw cuz she loves drinking sips of water from a straw. Should I be worried or just keep trying and one day she will start eating solids again? Any advice?
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    Actually, there's no need for her to be eating solids at all until she's a year old. She should have the opportunity to experience solids, and to eat them if she chooses, but "until one, solids are just for fun". At around 1 year old, solids do become nutritionally important, but even at that point many babies are still eating minimal solids. And many babies do not transition to a majority solid food diet until well into their second year.

    So you can really, truly relax about your baby's intake. Just keep offering her healthy solids and let her experiment with them. If she eats some, great! If she tastes some and then spits them out, still great. At least she tried. And of she won't put them in her mouth and just mushes them up with her fingers, still great. At least she had a fun learning experience.

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    FWIW, my LO's did not start solids until after their first birthday. All are healthy and thriving.
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