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Thread: Which pump - manual or electric?

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    Default Which pump - manual or electric?

    I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and plan to take 12 weeks off after the birth and then return to work.

    My work provides a hospital grade medela pump to use at work and gives each mother the parts needed.

    So my question is, what kind of pump do I need for personal use (to build a stash before going back and then outings). Would a manual pump be ok or should I get an electric?

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    Default Re: Which pump - manual or electric?

    Hmm, that's a good question! I think it's going to depend on you as an individual. If you are someone who has a big supply or responds well to a manual pump, then the manual may be enough to start your stockpile. But if your supply is average, or if you are like most moms and require a decent pump in order to get good yield, than an electric pump makes a lot more sense. I think I'd go with an electric pump, and a decent one at that. An Ameda Purely Yours or better. That way you can a) have a good chance at building a decent stash before returning to work, and b) you will have a good pump for use at home, in the car, and on the job if you need to pump but someone else is using the hospital grade pump.

    Is this your first baby? If so- actually, even if not- I encourage you to check out the Pregnancy and Birth Options forum further down the page. Breastfeeding usually goes best if mom and baby both have a safe and pleasant birth, and we love helping mamas with conundrums about birth!

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    Default Re: Which pump - manual or electric?

    I would get a good electric pump. My employer provided me with a Lactina that I can use at work, but I like having my pump at home. I'm not really sure how long it would take me to express enough to leave the house for a few hours with a hand pump.

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    Default Re: Which pump - manual or electric?

    I actually used a manual to pump at work for almost a year and did fine with it, so if it were me I'd be alright with using a manual for those occasions that you need it at home. But like mommal said, different women have different needs. If you can't pump enough at work or if you don't respond well to the manual/one sided pump you may need an electric at home to make sure you're getting enough.

    I also wanted to add that I think it's great that your employer provides a pump! Pretty cool.
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    Default Re: Which pump - manual or electric?

    I did OK with a manual at home for about 5 years. I didn't need a lot of milk stored, and I even took it to work with me and did fine there.
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