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    I have a 6 week old, I have been block feeding. She still cries when feeding. I try to hand express some. She still cries, she won't nurse uphill. I tried the football hold, she will tolerate it for a few minutes while clamping down. What else can I do she hates the spray, it doesn't happen all time maybe 3 times a day.

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    So you only get milk spraying out a few times a day? And other times it's not a spray, just a drip or a gentle stream? The reason I ask is that it's possible that something other than OALD is going on. The answers to the following questions may help us figure out if this really is OALD or not:
    1. When your baby nurses, does she often cough, choke, gag, splutter, unlatch and cry, or make a clicking/clucking noise?
    2. What are your baby's poops like? Are they predominantly yellow and seedy or green/greenish and watery?
    3. When does your baby clamp down- at the beginning of a feeding, during a letdown, or only at the very end of a feeding?
    4. How has your baby's weight gain been so far?
    5. How is nursing going aside from the issue that brought you here? Are you in any pain?
    6. Are you frequently engorged?
    7. If you are pumping at all, how much can you get when you pump?

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    1. All the other times she is content. When it sprays she clamps down, unlatches and then cries.
    2. Yellow and seedy all the time.
    3. Clamps down when it starts spraying.
    4. Baby is gaining weight just fine.
    5. No pain.
    6. Sometimes engorged and leaking
    7. No pumping.

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    Thanks for answering all those nosy questions! Sometimes a mama will think she has OALD when it's really a diffent issue, and since the remedy for OALD is block feeding and supply reduction, I always want to make sure that the mama isn't treating the wrong issue! Anyway, it sounds like you have diagnosed your issue correctly. I would do the following:
    - Continue block feeding. Since your baby's poops are yellow and not green, you're probably not dealing with an oversupply that is really excessive, just one that is enough to cause forceful letdowns.
    - When baby clamps down, take her off the breast and allow the letdown to spray into a towel or something. When the flow slows down, put her back to the breast.
    - Try different nursing positions. Side-lying or nursing in a semi-reclined position might work, even if your LO resists being completely uphill.

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    Thanks. I just hate her crying since it sounds like someone is killing her!

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    It might also help to try burping her when she starts crying. With my OALD my babies swallowed a lot of air. Waiting until the end of the session was too long most of the time. So I stopped and burped them as needed.
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    You've gotten great advice from the PPs. Just stepping in to also mention - OALD seems very traumatic in these early newborn days, but for most women, it magically stops being a problem after a month or so. Baby gets used to chugging along with a fast flow, and as your supply regulates, you'll have less intense let-downs. Just wanted to make sure you knew there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Even if, like me, you have a really hard time "fixing" the problem now, it's the sort of problem that fixes itself in the end.

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