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Thread: Need my almost 4yr old to stop nursing!

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    Default Need my almost 4yr old to stop nursing!

    I have been trying to get my ds to stop nursing for months now. He will be 4 in 3 months. His ped. said I can reason with him but that hasn't worked. The more I talk about it, the more he wants to. I thought he'd self wean but no. I've tried vinegar on my nipples but no again. He is my last child so I didn't want to force it but I need to take medication and get a mammogram..two things I can't do while he's nursing. His ped. told me I can go away for 2 days but I'm a sahm and it isn't possible. Any ideas please? I don't want to traumatize him but I can't keep doing it for much longer. THanks.

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    Default Re: Need my almost 4yr old to stop nursing!

    Sorry mama I'm in the same boat. I now delay a lot and end up nursing once per day. Some have success with a weaning party, he picks the date and you hype it up and have a party.
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    I always said when DD is 3 or 4 I'll be able to reason with her so she'll wean, but I'm starting to see from people's posts and comments that it isn't going to be that easy! I agree that a weaning party sounds like a good idea. Or maybe some kind of weaning gift, like a toy that he's been wanting? Sorry I'm not any help. Good luck to you mama!
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    Have you tried talking about that you are having a problem? When I started telling my DD that my "milks" hurt and she saw me putting medicine (lansinoh) on them, that's when she opened up more to cutting back on her nursing. Seriously, it was driving me nuts - being pregnant and all (she is 3). She is still asking sometimes, but I'm able to say no with out her completely freaking out.
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    Thanks for the ideas. Maybe letting him pick a date to stop would be good. I had problems with my other 2 potting training and we picked their 4th bd for that and it worked. Maybe his 4th bd and we can decide on a big present for him. I also explained I need to take medicine that won't be good for him to get. He seems to understand that a little so hopefully between the wean date and that, he'll be able to do it. Thanks again ladies.

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    good luck momma!

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