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Thread: Using a cup?

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    Default Using a cup?

    Hi moms -
    We are trying to give my 2 month old a bottle at least once a day so that options are open for daddy to feed and for mommy to be able to go to an appointment, do morning run, etc.

    Baby is doing ok with it, but clearly would rather nurse. We aren't sure if the nipple bothers him, but he just doesn't seem happy (or as happy) after a bottle session - and that's fine with me! I'd rather he want to nurse.

    Question is, when can we begin using a cup? I've heard about feeding an infant with a medicine-type cup. Does anyone have tips for that? Clearly we won't start a REAL cup until he's older.

    My oldest ONLY breastfed...she refused a bottle at all costs. She wouldn't eat from a cup, a syringe, or anything else. That's one reason I need to find all possible avenues.

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    Default Re: Using a cup?

    You could try it now. They cup feed newborns. You would wnat to find a tiny little cup, I would think and pour a little bit into his mouth at a time.

    I'm not sure if I would bother though, if he will take the bottle. He'll be less happy after a cup feeding, I would imagine.

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