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Thread: When to start storing for work

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    I will be going back to work in the middle of August and will only be able to pump once a day while at work. When do I start storing up milk and what is the best way to do it?

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    How to do it: I have done 2 ways or a combo. A few weeks before I go back I start pumping after each feeding. This will very slowly work, you will get an oz or 2 and you combine the milk in the fridge until you have enough to freeze in a bag (I freeze 3-4 oz per bag), just keep doing this as you will likely need a lot since your pumping is limited. The other thing I do is add a pumping session at night, if there is a span where your LO sleeps reliably pump in the middle of it. Like if he sleeps from 8-12 usually then pump at 10.

    How old I'd your child? How long is your work day? If it's a full day and you pump only once your supply is going to decrease and I'd worry about clogged ducts, etc. Can we help with working out a pumping schedule? What's the situation with the job, are you a teacher? You can pump on the way to and from work as well by using a hands free pumping bra, I did it for over a year. I'd also keep pumping at least once during the night to make up for anything and to try to maintain supply after you are working. You should nurse or pump 8-12 x per day to maintain your supply for reference.
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    My child is currently 3 weeks and will be 10 weeks old when I go back to school. My work day will vary depending on if I have meetings. I work at 3 different schools on different days.

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    I knew it! Teachers have the worst possible schedules for pumping! My sister's a teacher, and the most she could ever swing was twice per day.

    Can you pump right before classes and right afterwards? I often pumped in the car, while driving! Do you get any other 15 minute breaks you could use to quickly pump?

    Normally we recommend you start working on a stash three to four weeks before you go back.

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