My son is on a complete strike. He is getting a painful looking tooth (his 3rd), has a cold, and I screamed when he bit me. Since that incident 3 days ago he just pushes off my chest when I offer. But he cries for food, and does our old nursing cues. He wants to be held, is whiny, and we are both exhausted because at night we wants to nurse but won't so is hungry and upset. I am doing everything to address the teething pain and the strike that is suggested on LLL and kellymom.

He never took a bottle and just chews the sippy because of the teething so I am doing more solids than usual mixed with BM. He was doing 75% BM and 3 jars a day solids so it is not possible to make up for all the milk with solids during this strike. He is getting dehydrated and my supply is dropping (pump doesn't work for me and hand expressing is apparently not sufficient).

My questions is, how hungry do I make him??? If I keep pushing solids he will at least not be starving, or do I let him get real hungry. Like this morning he had not eaten all night and was starving so I expressed some and gave with cereal and he didn't stop crying until he had eaten. But should I have kept offering the boob and not feed him. He has to eat if hungry enough right? If we keep going as we are I won't have milk left if he does come back to nursing.

Any advice?