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Thread: Limiting or weaning a two-year-old??

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    I've felt icky sometimes... I had very little exposure to older nurslings before... well, LLL. I would be totally freaked out with my 2 year old nursling if it weren't for LLL. I've gotten over most of it. It helps that she stopped fondling me so much! Now its reversed: when my husband shows interest in them, it seems like infantile behavior.

    I have a little secret over here for nursing alternatives... It must be used VERY carefully, but lately, Halloween candy wins over nursing every time!!! Not exactly a healthy alternative, but a tiny piece of candy twice a day has gotten my little one down to three nursings a day; wake up, nap and bedtime. But I don't want her to replace the comforting part with the candy.. Its the boredom, hungry and routine nursing that I targeted with that. Shhh. don't tell!

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    Default Re: Limiting or weaning a two-year-old??

    emilyw - I wanted you yo know how fascinated i am by your little person! I know the emotions and trials you have shared are very real and it has helped me with glimpses of our future (a booby-happy 15 ds), but as this is our first go around, and ds is a delayed speaker, I have such a hard time imagiining that he'll will have such picturequse conversations. Your dd has won my heart with her great quotes...I think you have one great adventure ahead of you!

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