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I thought that this was the originally the problem before the reflux diagnosis, but nothing i did helped (ie: Block feeding, feeding uphill etc). I don't feel overly full, but my milk does spray. But the fussyness occurs when I am initally trying to latch him on, then he sucks for 5-7min and then he starts fussying again, by which time the flow has settled down, ánd isn't spraying anymore. I burp him and get some good burps out of him, and he still comes on and off. He wants more as he is looking for it, but won't stay latched when he finds it.
This REALLY REALLY sounds like OALD - initial upset because it is too fast and then further upset when it slows down because it isn't what they are used to how long were your blocks (hrs) and how did you try block feeding (days/weeks)?

I am sorry things are so difficult right now