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Thread: At a loss, I don't like this...

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    Default At a loss, I don't like this...


    So my LO is now 18 months. Lately, I've been seeing him grow more and more independent, but I feel I'm a bit out of control with Baby G now. Since day one, he has nursed to sleep 99% of the time. Lately, he does not want to nurse & shakes his head no, and cries. BUT this is the only way I have even successfully put him down. Everything else ends up either with Baby G thinking momma is playing with him or him resisting whatever I try to do & ends up crying.

    Also lately he's made a few other big changes. He has been staying up extra late, waiting for daddy to get home, and then going to sleep listening to music with daddy. With grandma, he does pretty much the same thing. He never used to fall asleep with anyone but me.

    It's SO FRUSTRATING that I have no tools or strategies, tricks that work. And frankly, if he's trying to wean I don't want to force the boob on him anymore. Moreover, I want to continue to foster a loving, tender, working relationship with baby.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe rocking him to sleep but we don't have, nor can we afford, a rocking chair or glider.

    Any ideas moms? Also, what's the deal with not wanting to fall asleep with me anymore -- is this typical?
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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    We have a cheap exercise ball that we sit on to gently bounce (also 18 month old) DD to sleep. Then lay her down once she is asleep. It is way better than a rocker.

    You could also observe how DH gets your baby to sleep and mimic that. Sometimes DD just isn't hungry before bed so she doesn't really want to nurse either. Those are the days we hold her and sing and bounce.

    It could also be the first set of molars coming in. I know my daughter has been crazy while they are coming in.

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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    I'm not going to lie. My son, 21 months, has started resisting sleep too!
    A few nights I was so tired I did actually drive him around to get him to sleep. I know. Shame on me.....
    I too am looking for a solution.

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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    With my son I cut out the nursing right before sleep because it was complicating things because he would want to nurse for so long. I usually nurse an hour or two before he will fall asleep. We read books have some quiet time and then lay down together. My son is really attached to that because he doesn't want to miss out on something. If I am not ready I just get back up when he is sound asleep but usually I am ready for bed too. You'll probably find your own routine it just takes time.
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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    I don't have a rocking chair either, but I still rock my baby sitting on the bed I move front and back. Or slightly jump (like the pp said, only that no ball, just in bed).

    We have a small routine, DD takes a bath, then we read a short book and she knows that's bedtime (although it's starting to fail lately ). After the book she usually nursed, but wouldn't fall asleep, so I could place her in her crib and sleep, but then she stopped liking her crib and now I have to rock her until she's asleep and then place her in the crib. She wakes up 2 hours later and then we cosleep. But I'm blabbling here .

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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    I lie next to Joe in our bed and snuggle for a while, and he nurses or doesn't nurse, depending on his mood. Then when he's really drowsy I put him in his crib, tuck him in, and leave him. We only got to this point because he would lie and nurse FOREVER and STILL not go to sleep (or wake up right when I snuck away) when he was your LO's age. Finally, I started the crib routine because it became clear that he needed a different structure around bedtime. At first, he would whine and complain and I would stay in the room and nurse him if he got too sad, but then put him back. I did this over an over, never really letting him scream, but not picking him up for just fussing (instead, I would shush him and tell him he was okay, or pat his back, etc.) for about a week, and it worked eventually so that now he can and does go to sleep on his own. And bedtime has a clear structure, which helped his "I wanna play!" thing. If he wakes up sad and cries, I go up to him and either tuck him back in, fetch his favorite tiger, etc., or I nurse him and then put him back, tuck him in, etc. A lot of times these days, he doesn't ask to nurse, which of course, makes me feel a little sad, but there you go.

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    Default Re: At a loss, I don't like this...

    we also do a bedtime routine, bath, story and then i rock her to sleep and nurse. usually i get a feel for how the night will go when we "say goodnight to dada". If she wants to say goodnight to him that means ok, mom I'm tired! If not...it might take awhile. on those nights she resists sleep and nursing and tantrum-cries (like she just wants to go have more fun). usually i just shush her or sing/hum/whistle till she stops and settles down. once she gets sleepier we try nursing again and it usually works. once she's out i put her in her crib and hope she doesn't wake up so i don't have to repeat the routine
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