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Thread: Would you tolerate this behavior?

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    I agree - DS is 8 months old and I found that if I give him something to play with while nursing, he stays latched MUCH longer. Sometimes I wear a necklace he can play with and sometimes I just give him a pacifier to hold that he sort of fiddles around with...it made a huge difference.

    As far as the lunging, DS also does this. I notice that he does it not just at my breast, but at his toys too....I think he's just testing his depth perception and I think it's a game for him...sometimes he even makes a "aaarrrgh" sound as he does it. I also notice an increase in this behavior when he is overtired or gone longer in between feedings.

    The only behavior I correct during nursing is biting...which has become a generalized problem anyway, so we're working on that in all aspects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jennygal View Post
    I also notice an increase in this behavior when he is overtired
    I have noticed this, too. The problem for me with giving DD something else to do when she's lunging or squirming is that she only seems to do this at bedtime and naptime. I think it is because that is when we lie down to nurse. She now knows how to push herself up and move around from that position, so she wants to practice. I've been trying to get her to sleep yesterday and today from a cradle position instead of side-lying, and it seems to be going smoother. I really do enjoy playing with her during nursing, but when she needs to sleep, I want to get down to business (she's a terrible sleep-resister. )

    Thanks again for all the replies! It's nice to see that all babies are a little different, and there is no one appropriate response to normal behavior. I wasn't sure if I should win the "worst mommy of the year" award for how I was handling this new behavior (or maybe the "best mommy". Who knows?)

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