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Thread: Colic Calm and poops

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    Default Colic Calm and poops

    Hi ladies,
    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if I should be concerned.

    We have started to use colic calm again for Roberts tummy, he has been real fussy, I think just because of all the spit he is swallowing. I have found that instead of the little dark spots it used to cause now his poops are just a very dark green color...Giving the colic calm is the only thing we have changed. Is it maybe because he doesnt poop as often? ( used to go close to every time he ate, now he goes 2 or 3 times a week)

    Any thoughts or experience with this would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Colic Calm and poops

    colic calm made jack's poop atrocious. i was super concerned at first until i realized that the stuff going into him was black, so it only makes sense that the color coming out would be dark as well.
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    Just was so much different than when we gave it to him a couple months ago, but I suppose its more doses on the way out when he only poops every couple of days. I didn't want to stop giving it to him because his tummy seems to ache so much now that the little guy is drooling rivers lol

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    Dear mom,
    Do not worry it is absolutely normal the color dark of the stool while the baby is taking colic calm.

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