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Thread: extreme nipple pain

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    I have recently been diagnosed with mastitis (breast infection). I was perscribed antibiotics coxallian and have been taking them for 3 days. during the latching process my nipple feels like it is being ripped off! sooo painful i have to grab onto something close to try to relieve the pain, i cry before he feeds because i know how much it's going to hurt. I know the latch is correct but is it normal to have this much pain in my nipple 3 days into mastitis treatment?

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    Well, mastitis is REALLY painful, no doubt. So you could just be experiencing a slow recovery. If you're still sick, feverish, and seeing a lot of red hot tenderness in your breasts, I would check back with your doctor, to make sure you don't need a diff't script for your infection.

    But from what you describe, I'm worried that the antibiotics might have brought on a case of thrush (a yeast infection of the nipples), which really, really makes the NIPPLES sore, as opposed to the whole breast, which is more common with mastitis. Plus, when anyone says "extreme nipple pain," I think thrush. Check out this site for more information on thrush.

    There is another possibility, which is a bacterial infection of the nipple (this would also be consistent with mastitis). Some particularly nasty ones are actually antibiotic resistant. Apparently you can actually have your nipples cultured to figure out what the bacteria is, to find the best antibiotic.

    Basically, you might want to call your doctor back! Sorry.

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    Good advice from the PP. Did latching cause pain previous to the mastitis? If not, that is another thing that could point to thrush. But if latching has always been painful, that indicates that the latch isn't good. And yes, a latch can look perfect and feel bad!

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