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    Question hungry baby

    My 4 week old was born 7 lbs 7 oz and when we left the hospital she was 6 lbs 12 oz. At her first check up she was 6 lbs 10 oz.. I was told that I needed to supplement her with formula to get her back to birth weight as breast feeding was not getting her there. So I did this.. mostly breast feeding but about 2 times a day she would empty my breast..both of them, and took a 2 oz bottle. I am wanting to phase the bottle out but she will have at least one or two times where she has emptied me out and still acts very hungry so I give her a bottle..Ive read on increasing supply, when i pump i get at least 2 to 3 oz.. is that low? i let her nurse everytime she wants...i dont want to starve my baby and im about to go back to work.. how can i satisfy my baby or is giving her a few bottles a day ok.. i feel such a empty feeling when i see her take a bottle. im rambling... help please?

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    Congratulations on having a healthy, thriving baby...and making BF work! You *are* making it work, even if it doesn't feel like it!

    I can understand that you don't want to give the supplements anymore, but you are still worried that dd is getting enough. This can be a confusing situation to be in.

    I will ask you a few more questions:

    Is the supplement you are giving now formula or BM?
    What is dd's current weight?
    How often (if you can tell) does dd nurse in 24 hours? How do you know when she is done (how do you know to take her off?)?

    It might ease your mind to know that the average amount a woman gets when pumping for occasional separation is 2 oz. So your 2-3 oz. is great!! Sounds like you are making plenty of milk. And just think, your baby is even more efficient, so she can take even more than the pump can!

    You may also want to remember that babies go through periods of growth spurts when the seem to nurse constantly. This is in order to increase your supply. So, she may seem unsatisfied with your supply, but her constant nursing will help make more! A formula supplement won't do that! It will satisfy her, but not increase your supply!

    I will check back for your response. Take care and remember: just nurse, nurse, nurse!!

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    Congratulations on your baby...and you are doing a great job! I want to reassure you that I pump and I only get 2-3 oz at a session, so you are getting a lot. Remember that if you supplement with formula you are telling your breasts your baby doesn't need more. The absolute best way to increase you supply is to let your baby nurse. It may seem like that is all you do, but it works!

    Check back in and let us know how you are doing!

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    Yeh ive let her nurse on demand and the last few days she will nurse for hrs.. off and on.. i dont take her off the breast, she pulls off and will sleep some... I try and get her to wake up and get her interested in the other breast and shes not interested so I put her in the swing or something and 10 minutes later she wants the other and we go through this all day. I know that she is still getting milk because I can see it in the corner of her mouth. When she is not constantly feeding she nurses every hr or 1 1/2 hrs or so. She seems to be insatibly hungry around the 8am feeding or so. I was supposed to be going back at work this monday however I just couldnt put myself up to going back...her last weight was 7lbs 10 oz. That was last friday. Ive got her down to 2 bottles a day.. and it is formula. I have to admit I dont pump as much as i need to.. dont find the time that I show and do forth. so just let her nurse? Sometimes i feel so bad because she will nurse and nurse and still cry like she is soo hungry so after about 45 minutes of nursing or so i will give her the bottle.. should i just keep nursing? Plus the addition that makes it hard to just keep nursing is I have another child. She is 2 (will be 3 this month) so she wants my attention all the time and she is starting to act out some because I am not giving her the attention she is used to.


    if the 2-3 oz i pump out is what shes getting from me and then wants a 2 oz bottle is that a lot for a newborn?
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    So, it would appear that your dd has gained about 5 oz. per week, which is well within the average range of 5-6 oz. per week. That's great!

    Sleepy babies at the breast are often helped by breast compressions. Have you tried this?

    I can understand how having an older child who also needs your attention can be a challenge at this stage. Keep in mind that your older dd will see you caring for the new baby and learn a *lot* from you (when a baby cries you pick it up and nurse it!) Can you try and give her little jobs for you? Getting you a water bottle out of the fridge, getting a clean diaper, burp cloth, running to grab the cordless phone when it rings? This will make her feel like a "big helper".

    Also, some moms find it helpful to keep some special toys set aside just for the times when the baby needs to nurse, that way the older child has some excitement to look forward to! Can you get crayons and coloring books, reading books, or puzzles out to do while nursing dd? Your older dd will come to see this as "her time" too! Also, a "big girl" snack for those times when the baby is nursing can be helpful. You can tell her that the baby only gets BM, but she is big and can eat fun stuff!!

    Another thing moms have found helpful is to keep the baby close even when not nursing. It sounds like from what you described your dd may want you to hold her even when she is not nursing. Would it possible for you to carry/wear her in a sling or front carrier after she is done nursing? You mentioned her crying after putting her in her swing. She may just want to stay near you. I *know* this is hard. Many moms swear by a sling at this stage. It makes your life a lot easier and baby a lot happier. Some moms even nurse the baby right in the sling! Here is some other info that may be of interest to you:

    A really great article!

    More where that came from:

    So, yes, you can try just increased feedings and allowing her to nurse to increase supply. As long as she continues to gain weight and have enough wet/dirty diapers (5-6 wet and 3-4 poopy) then you may choose to phase out the supplement. That is not something I can tell you to do. You have to gauge that for yourself. But output is the best way to tell, at this age, that the baby is getting enough and doesn't need the supplements anymore.

    And about your last question: if she just wants to comfort suck and sucks on the bottle taking 2 more oz. after nursing, then she may just be overeating. Or, she may not have received enough and is still hungry. Again, the only way to know how much she is getting without the supplement is to count output.

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