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Thread: milk sharing?

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    my sister-in-law has so much breast milk stored she's thinking of giving them away. my daughter does both formula and breast milk. has anyone had personally experience of receiving breast milk of a close relative? pediatrician said it was to my discretion. my LO is 6 months so she's all in the stage of introducing solids. i heard then milk requirements start to decrease once her food intake has increased and stabilized. any opinoins are appreciated. thanks.

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    I've been both a recipient of milk and a donor and sharer. When my first child could not nurse from me, and I was having supply problems, a wonderful friend added a pumping into her routine and dropped the milk off at my house every couple of days so that we wouldn't have to use a lot of formula. (I have known both her and her husband for years, and am familiar with their lifestyle and health, and so felt comfortable with that for my baby.) I was very grateful (and still am). Once my supply was sufficient, she stopped, and I began freezing milk. I ended up having so much that I was screened as a donor and sent gallons and gallons to a milk bank.

    When my second was born, he had major issues sucking, and I pumped way more milk than he would drink. (He started breastfeeding successfully around two months and really mastered it at four). At that time I was determined he would never be given a bottle again, and I sent a great deal of milk to a milk bank, but I also had some I had frozen in jelly jars that I gave to a good friend who just could not pump enough to meet her son's needs at daycare. (After my son started nursing less, I put pumping back into the routine in order to continue to donate. In my communications with the milk bank, I realize that they really value this milk as liquid gold.)

    Your sister-in-law could look into donating. www.hmbana.org She'd be screened by blood tests (the milk bank will cover costs), and the milk bank also pays for shipping. They will likewise reimburse for the costs of dry ice if you want them to.

    I certainly can't advise what you should do with your own daughter, but I know I've been a grateful recipient and an appreciated sharer of breast milk.
    I breast milk fed my Blossom for fifteen months (after exclusively pumping for thirteen). My Bud (nineteen months) is still nursing directly (after a rough start that included a few months of pumping and supplementing with mommy's milk).

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    (Since we're on the LLL boards, I'll say first that La Leche doesn't endorse milk sharing)

    I've participated in milk sharing as a donor, and I'd participate as a recipient in a heartbeat if I needed it. It's worth noting that the World Health Organization ranks donor milk as a preferable option to formula. If you don't feel comfortable taking the milk and your sister in law doesn't end up going the milk bank route, she could always offer it through one of the milk sharing organizations (Eats on Feets and Human Milk for Human Babies).
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    thanks for the replies! i will likely go ahead and try to see if she'll tolerate it.

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