I have 2 questions.

1. This morning I noticed a small bruise on my areola. It hurts in some latch positions. Could this be caused by my LO accidentally 'latching' onto just that part of the areola during the night?

2. My LO is 9.5 weeks old. One or two weeks ago, his stools started varying drastically. He may have 0-10 stools per day, and on the same day they may vary from frothy to slimy, from sweet to foul smelling, from mostly yellow to mostly dark brown. Today he had a stool that was yellow/brown water with maybe a teaspoon of curd-like bits in it. I know that some of these stool types can be a sign of problems, but if they vary and he has "normal" stools in between is that a problem?

If it is due to a food sensitivity, but LO doesn't seem in pain or otherwise bothered, will it hurt to just ignore it?