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Thread: What Age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy2lilah View Post
    This may not be the place for this comment, but you are always saying things like this. We don't need your pity. Some of us are not "pressured" to pump and store in order to work. We can pump for our babies and still nurse our babies for a long time. Not everyone wants to be a homemaker and they shouldn't have to be just because they are nursing their baby.
    I have to agree. I'm a student mom. I am separated from my kids and pumped for my son by choice. In fact it's costing me a lot of money to do so (tuition fees, etc). It gives me my personal space which allows me to better enjoy/treasure the moments we do spend together and nursing. Financially, if I wanted to be a stay at home mom I could. It's not what I want for me.
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    I didn't have any support from the beginning. People accepted it, but didn't say anything either way. When DD was around 9 months people would ask my why I was still nursing and would say I only have a few months to wean her. After she turned a year I got a lot of criticism for it because I didn't even try to wean her. Now that she is 20 months I just stay at home with my daughter all day because I don't want to hear people's negative opinions. I am in a small town in Nebraska though.. there's not much for support here!!
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    My personal experience has been a rough one. I have nursed my Prince exclusively for 15 months and have been under scrutiny from my husbands family, all of our friends and my community from day one!

    I was told "Umm Miss, you can not do THAT here" and that I had to go to the bathroom to nurse my infant son of 3 months while at THE PICTURE PEOPLE! While I know this is illegal and I could've had grounds for a case or something, I had no energy to fight (due to lack of sleep, thanks Prince, and pure frusteration) and decided to respectfully give them a piece of my mind and boycott them as well. Unfortunately because of that single incident I refrain from nursing my son in public.

    My husbands family was not supportive at all, to say the least, since the moment I decided to nurse Prince when I was in the second trimester. They constantly told me I wouldn't last two days let alone 6 months (that was my goal age, back then). Now that I have nursed Prince to this day of 15 months, I am constantly asked "well when are you going to get that boy off of you?" "Prince is too old to be on the nipple". And unfortunately again, I haven't got the time nor energy to put up a fight. I politely say when he is ready to "get off" of me, thats when he will be done.

    It saddens me to say, but nursing is still taboo in some areas and to some people, especially past the age of 1!!!

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    Around the time he turned 1 mostly from MIL. One of her daughters nursed for several years so I guess I find it weird that she still doesn't understand the benefits. She's always trying natural remedies and the latest superfood so why she want her grandson to get lower quality nutrition does not make sense to me.
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    Well...I recieved critisim from my grandpa at about 3 months. He kept asking if I was giving ds2 any of "that good pacific milk" yet. (canned evaporated cows milk) But he is old and thats what he fed his kids and my mom fed my older sister, so I just smiled and ignored him. From other people though, once we got close to 1 year I started getting alot of comments about weaning. I also ignored that. He is now 20 months and people will laugh, giggle or roll their eyes when I breastfeed him, but they don't say much anymore. I live in very very very pro-breastfeeding area.
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    Around one, I started getting the question, "When do you plan to wean him?" Some of it was innocent curiosity, some of it was more of a "do you EVER plan to wean him?" Folks around me starting responding with relief when he would take milk in a cup, etc. It wasn't overt criticism or judgment, more of a feeling, and I've never been sure how much of that feeling was my own internalized discomfort at extended nursing. I live in a very pro-BF'ing area, but like PPs have said, it starts to feel less welcoming around the time the baby walks.

    I continued to nurse Joe in public basically up until he was almost two (and I still would if he was desperate for it, but he now mostly nurses at night), but I felt pretty uncomfortable with it at that point, especially when he would be ornery, because I felt like I was being a "spokeswoman" for extended nursing or something! Like, if it looked unpleasant, everyone would say, well, that's because he's too old to nurse! So I felt a lot of pressure on myself.

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    With #1 - I started to get the "are you still .... " questions after he turned one. I politely ignored them and educated when people were interested in learning.

    With #2 - I have gotten ZERO comments about bf and my "baby" is close to turning two. I guess people learned after the 1st one
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    It definitely started coming from all sides after she hit one. The "how long are you going to do that"s started before that, but the tone of the question changed after her first birthday. When I got pregnant when she was 19 months or so people became even more vocal about it, even commenting to my daughter that she was going to have to stop nursing soon. Though it was pretty much only family and friends at that point, we didn't nurse in public much once she hit 14-15 months old.
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    With my first the comments and criticism started once he turned one. Everyone in my family weaned by that age so that is all they knew. I did not have any problems with nursing that we hear about new moms having, so I didn't fully appreciate my local lll group until they gave me the information and support I needed to continue doing what was best for my child.

    With my second ds no one asked. I am sure they have no idea how long we actually nursed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lsksam View Post
    With #1 - I started to get the "are you still .... " questions after he turned one. I politely ignored them and educated when people were interested in learning.

    With #2 - I have gotten ZERO comments about bf and my "baby" is close to turning two. I guess people learned after the 1st one
    Yes, this was my experience exactly!! One year is the magic number to people around me, but I was never outright judged that I am aware of-just questioned.

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