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Thread: What Age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lsksam View Post
    With #1 - I started to get the "are you still .... " questions after he turned one. I politely ignored them and educated when people were interested in learning.

    With #2 - I have gotten ZERO comments about bf and my "baby" is close to turning two. I guess people learned after the 1st one
    Yes, this was my experience exactly!! One year is the magic number to people around me, but I was never outright judged that I am aware of-just questioned.

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    My family started to ask me about when I was going to wean around 18 months, because that's when my DD#2 weaned, but Will shows no signs of stopping. BF is almost non existent around here, so when he was about 18 months I stopped nursing in public. He is too squirmy and too particular about position and side to do it discreetly anymore. If I saw other women nursing toddlers and I lived in a different area, I would probably still nurse in public, too. I'm sure if a lot of friends and acquaintances knew we were still nursing, they would be shocked. It is just not done around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Over the year point. And...I live in a very very Pro-Breastfeeding area. But people hear the AAP recommendation of "AT LEAST a YEAR" as "UP TO a year." I SWEAR that is what people hear. The assumption by and large is that everyone will wean at a year. And that recommendation really means that is weaning should BEGIN. And it does! Because at a year a child's Solid food intake increases and some of that replaces nursing milk. So you have BEGUN to wean. But it is naturally meant to be a long dance to the finish line. Naturally in our species...it's meant to be like that.
    I think after about 18months people can put enough limits on their nursing relationship that it becomes an "in the closet" type of thing. Like people just assume you are weaned because they never see you do it anymore unless they are close enough friends family to be in your house with you at nap or bedtime. Closet nursers are everywhere.
    I totally agree. I think people misunderstand the recommendations. I had someone ask me when DD was around 13 months if the doctor had told us that we SHOULD be giving whole milk yet. I've only had a few people ask, "Isn't she a little old for that?" and then recently, my mother of all people said something to me about weaning because DD is getting really demanding about BFing, trying to pull my shirt down, etc. This is the woman who breastfed me till I was two and talked to me about how wonderful breastfeeding was all my life. She only breastfed me for the second year at night, so I'm assuming she must have felt uncomfortable. Anyway, I didn't expect to hear that from her. It's not like she was being pushy about it, but I kind of got the impression that she was concerned more about how it would be perceived than what is best for DD..I really don't get my mother anymore.

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    at 10 months, I had people shocked... saying " hold on, YOU ARE STILL BREASTFEEDING???"
    at 12 months... people asked me when I was going to wean. EVERYONE asked that.

    And pretty much ever since then... people think I am a total weirdo!
    Cheers to 22 months and counting!!

    BTW my MIL is pushing for us to wean at 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Over the year point. And...I live in a very very Pro-Breastfeeding area. But people hear the AAP recommendation of "AT LEAST a YEAR" as "UP TO a year."
    I could swear you live in my city, but lately ive noticed its "at least 6 months" ugh

    I have seen women in my country NIP toddlers, but sadly, its mostly indigenous women and theres a bit of racism... I was wondering when I would stop feeling comfy NIP since I am moving to another country and idk how "acceptable" it is there, but I figure as long as its legal (and it is) I dont have a problem nursing a 6 yr old in public

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