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Thread: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

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    Smile 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    HI. My DD is 12 1/2 months and she breastfeds every 3 hours during the day ( I'm blessed to be a sahm) and maybe once or twice at night. I have been trying to give her purees since she was around 10 months. She eats maybe 6-8 oz of fresh organic fruit that I blend up with some earths best organic jarred baby food. We had her WBCU today and she's maybe gained half a pound since the last visit. She is in the 5% for her weight. Her height was ok, not high but not that low. Anyways the doc wants us to go to a feeding clinic so they can try to get our baby to eat more solids. I have read an article on Kellymom and it says that some babies don't eat a lot of solids at this age and that's ok... I have read that breastmilk should still be the main source of nutrients until the baby is around 24 months. The doc said she was worried cause my baby is low on the charts but not totally worried cause my lo is doing good developmentally. she has been walking awhile etc. I feel that breastmilk is still the best thing for my baby. She is healthy, happy, and developing well. I do not want to bring her to that clinic. The nurse asked me if I was giving my lo whole cows milk. I said no. I don't want to give my baby cow milk. I understand ppl do this and that's fine for them, but I think our milk is still the best. I'm just wondering if there are any moms out there who are still mainly exclusively breastfeeding their 12+ month old lo. Oh another thing I told the doc I feel my dd is petite. I'm only 5'1 and I think she is just small... I dread going to the WBCU's cause I feel like they think I'm a freak, I actually feel like a lot of ppl think I'm odd cause we don't vaccinate , I don't fed my lo just anything, I wanna hold of on starchy foods until she has molars (I have read stuff about babies not having the digestive enzyme Ptyalin until they have a mouth full of teeth), and I want to keep breastfeeding as long as I can.. Sorry for all this rambling, just wanted to talk to some moms with similar experiences or feelings. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    My daughter was the same at that age. The doctor didn't think it was a big deal. She wasn't eating nearly as much as your daughter until she was 14 months or so. Her solid intake didn't really take off until she was around 18 months old.

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    Thanks Tracie!!! I wish I could find a more natural doctor for my dd.. oh well.. hope you have a nice day!!!

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    My dd is exactly the same way...she is 14 months old now is moving slowly with solids. I still nurse on demand and through the night. She is is in the sixth percentile for her weight, I believe. Her doctor is not at all concerned..in fact, he says she is very proportionate (6th % weight and 4% height) and is going to be cute and petite:-)

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    We didn't start solids until 11 months. We began with pureed organic etc ... avocados, bananas, and the like. She didn't really EAT anything until around 16 months. She put it in her mouth and sometimes swallowed but that was kind of an accident. She did self feeding and didn't seem content with us feeding her at all. Something happened at 16 months that really got her into food eating. But you'd have to ask her what that was. She still nurses every 2-4 hours during the day and several times at night but now at 18 months she walks up to her chair at the table and says "eating" and signs it. Sometimes she yells for yogurt or cereal.

    Every kid is different. I learned to let her study her food by putting her at the bar in the kitchen while I clean up. I can see her eating and she can see me working and we both just do our thing. It takes her FOREVER to eat but she usually pushes her food around for 20 minutes and actually eats for the last 5. Sometimes I put on her signing-time DVDs and she just chows down like a little tv zombie. It kind of scares me how that works but she eats really well when she watches them. She signs and says "ALL DONE" when she's had enough. She also orders more food, sometimes off the menu.

    Below is a list of what she likes, it may help:

    grapes cut in half
    baby broccoli cooked in olive oil
    yogurt (HER FAVORITE)
    oatmeal and bananas mashed up
    paper thin slices of apple
    whole foods makes these teddy puffs cereal with very little sugar very low sodium and all organic stuff
    cooked carrots
    cooked zucchini

    A "feeding clinic" sounds a bit absurd. Actually it doesn't sound very baby-friendly. But only you and your doc can make that decision. Personally, if my baby's health wasn't at risk I'd up the variety of FRESH foods and offer meals 5 times a day, including snacks for munching at any time. If you are desperate get a portable DVD player and plant it near the table ... I swear that thing sends subliminal messages to eat eat eat eat eat.

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    I wouldn't sweat it. You're petite, so the likelihood is that your child will also be petite. Being small doesn't mean being unhealthy, and statistically speaking there are just as many healthy kids in the fifth percentile as the ninety-fifth.

    According to my pediatrician, a child can thrive on breastmilk alone until sometime around the first birthday, after which solids become an important part of her diet. But the transition from needing only breastmilk to a majority solid food diet is a slow one, with many children remaining mostly breastfed well into their second year of life.

    If you are concerned, one thing you might want to do is to concentrate on giving your baby some higher-calorie solids (things like avocado, meats, beans, whole milk yogurt) instead of law-cal ones like fruits and veggies, and getting your baby's iron levels checked if they haven't been checked already, because anemia can affect weight gain. But I'm with the PPS: a feeding clinic sounds ridiculous!
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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    Do you think she's ready for more finger foods? My daughter stopped wanting purees at ~10 months. I wouldn't take her to a
    feeding clinic. I agree w. mommal --try some high calorie foods and see if she's more interested in those. Also, many babies love
    pancakes. We put butter on ours & my LO LOVES them. I agree with you about the digestibility of grains but you could soak them or try gluten free options such as quinoa or buckwheat. Also, eggs are a great finger food.

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    Thank you everyone for your posts. Today I've started trying to feed My lo 3 meals instead of 2 daily-- so far she had eaten almost 4 oz for breakfast and lunch.. I just need to try getting her on some veggies etc. The times I have tried veggies she has gagged a lot and refused them.. zeebaby, what happens when you soak grainy foods? Does that make them more digestive for babies?? Ladies, I have another question.. My dd seems to not bf as long any more.. I think its usually less than 5 mins now.. unless its her night time feedin and then she will eat a long time.. But lately during the day it seems short like a few minutes on each side and she is usually fidgeting... but stays clamped on and eating for a few minutes... I just want her to be getting a lot of milk and the hind milk... also I don't want My supply to decrease if she doesn't seem to suck for a long time and with eating some solids.. I want to bf for a long time.. when babies start eating more Does the mothers milk decrease if she keeps trying to nurse the same amount of times as before solids??? Thanks for all your guys advice!!! :-)

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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    I did a lot of research on exclusive breastfeeding when my son was younger (he's 21 months now) and I'm really into baby led stuff.
    My pediatrician is very breastfeeding friendly (breastfeeding awesome actually), he is often a key note speaker at local WIC/LLL conferences and stuff. I also work at a hospital with several lactation consultants close to me... I really picked their brain on this.
    They all said exclusive breastfeeding for 1 year was FINE! My pediatrician had another mom doing the same thing actually. Nutritionally, Breastmilk is far superior to any other food you would be feeding them.. so nutrition really wasn't an issue as far as they were concerned. My son was normal weight/height/lots of energy/meeting and exceeding milestones/very happy.
    I in fact, did not even offer my son solids until 11 months. I pureed bananas with breastmilk made my own purees for a while like that and then progressed him up faster than younger babies but not too terribly fast... He didn't eat just tons of solids til really like 5-6 months ago.
    Now at 21 months he still nurses like 3-7 times a day (My supply isn't quite what it used to be due to all his solids but still pretty good) and eats 3 meals of solids a day. He is healthy, thriving...

    Sounds like your Dr is so used to how everyone else does things he is either erring on the side of caution to cover his butt or just being a little... whatever...

    I'm going to post a link to a thread I made asking the same questions as you when my son was your babies age.


    Trust your instinct momma!!! And great job BTW!!!!!!!!
    As long as your daughter IS on that growth chart, I don't see what the big deal is. My doc told me it was totally normal for kids weight to slow WAY down around a year and not to be surprised if my son only gains 1-3 pounds before his second birthday(at 12 months) because he's breastfed. Breastfed babies are different than formula fed babies, and most drs aren't used to this/don't know because only like 1-3% of people actually breastfeed to age 12 months. So way to go being in that percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and i've never really given my son cows milk. That tends to throw off those nutritionists etc lol! (Breastmilk is SOOOO much better!)
    I love Kellymom, what a great source!!
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    Default Re: 12 month DD mainly ebf and doesn't eat a lot of solids

    Hi Wreckgoddess. How are you?? Do you remember us chatting via private msgs?? I wanted your advise bc I knew you had ebf for 11 months.. I ebf until after 10 months I think.. But my lo would barely, rarely eat any baby food until she was 11 months ( I think, hard to remember exactly)... She still is mainly ebf.. I give her some jarred organic fruit with some ground up fresh organic fruit.. well I just recently started making her baby food chunkier and she DOES NOT like this... She barely ate anything yesterday and only a couple bites today. So then I just gave her almost a whole jar of pureed baby food and she ate almost the whole 4 oz jar.. I just feel like my lo could care less about solids. As a mom I of course want her to be getting all the nutrients she needs, but also feel that breastmilk is still the best food for her. I don't want to force feed her.. not cool.. and don't want to feed her anything but fruits and need to try more veggies until she is older( she has refused veggies and gagged a lot in the past from the jarred veggies) I know that a lot of 12 month olds eat lots of solids but I don't feel this is the best for my dd, plus she doesn't want much of it... I will cut up fruits etc and put it on her tray and she will hardly or never put it in her mouth.. You said to go by my instincts and I feel like everything is good.. like what's the rush with solids and our lo's.. she still doesn't have a lot of teeth...I have read articles that say breastmilk should still be a babies primary form of nourishment till 24 months... I love breastfeeding and feed on demand anytime she acts like she wants some I feed her, even if its a little swig. Its such a blesing from God to have a lo and to be able to be a sahm. God is so Good!! I really like Kellymom too. I've posted a thred on that website too.. He He.. My dd seems happy and healthy ( Thank the Lord she hasn't ever been really sick), and she is developing good. :-) It just gets hard sometimes cause of the well baby check ups with the charts etc and it seems like our society thinks babies should be eating everything and the kitchen sink at such young ages.. Her doc made it seem like I should cut out her night time feedings so she will eat more solids during the day. Sorry doc, that's NOT happening!! I will feed my lo whenever she wants!! Another thing that is hard is with my in-laws... They aren't mean to me, but I feel like they think I'm so strange cause I delayed solids and don't vaccinate and don't want to feed my baby a bunch of stuff... my m-i-l will ask if I'm feeding her cereal and eggs etc... I say no and I don't want to feed my lo that stuff, plus she probably would not eat it anyways... my s-i-l has a 10 month little girl and she eats tons of solids... it seems like she likes to tell me how much and what her lo eats... I'm really not that interested, cause I dont wanna fed my lo all that stuff, especially right now... for my dd's 1st bday I did not give her cake... I'm not for giving her sugar or starchy foods right now.. and my m-i-l & s-i-l were asking if I was gonna give her cake, I said "no etc".. they were like "take the frosting off".. I still said no. It's just hard when you feel like lots of ppl think stuff or ask all about my los diet.. I don't ask what they feed their lo cause its their business and every parent us different. I'm doing what I feel is best for my dd... I'm so glad my husband and parents agree with how I feel... okay I'm done rambling.. Sorry for the Looong msg. :-) Thanks for your reply!!!
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