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Thread: Constant nose block - help!

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    Unhappy Constant nose block - help!

    My LO is 2 months. He is constantly having mucous in his nose and getting blocked all the time. The mucous dries up and I can hear his breathing. It makes breastfeeding or bottle feeding hard as he cannot breathe properly through his nose and his mouth is occupied. It gets very frustrating for him. I stopped nursing him using the side lying position cos it seemed that it is harder to breathe that way. I use the cradle hold but try to bring his head higher up.

    What can I do? I can hear him breathing when he's asleep too. It's too far in for me to pick them out and I don't really like the idea of sticking cotton swabs in his nose all the time.

    Please help!!!

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    When I was having congestion issues with my DS, the doctor said that I could get some saline drops that are meant for infants, and drop a few up his nose. That helps the snot loosen up, so you'll be able to suck it out.

    For me, it turned out the congestion was due to a dairy allergy - so I have cut dairy out of my diet. It seems to have helped us so far!
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    Breastmilk. Shoot it straight into his nose. It's a great "Quick Fix". It will clear a child up long enough to eat comfortably.

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    i was going to say the same thing about the milk allergy. we also had good luck with the saline drops

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