I had those prob too! Block feeding worked for us, also mylicon drops, and this massage http://www.llli.org/nb/nbjanfeb98p13.html it says its for colic but I do it just when my son starts getting squirming from gas. It's amazing , I swear!

o yes the first 2 months you will feel like you're nursing 24/7. It gets Soooo much better, I promise!

Also I swaddled my son so he would sleep alone (well in his bed right next to mine! ) until he was 4 months & 1 week! For every time I couldn't hold him while he napped , he was swaddled. Now when he is so tired he puts his arms straight down to his side in the position I would have swaddled him in, its so cute.

my son still has the explosive poops. We must change him immediately or else it leaks put of his diaper and goes everywhere. God forbid if he is in his car seat or sling. It's awful. Just awful! His poops are sometimes seedy yellow, sometimes orangy, sometimes greener. Mostly yellow now at almost 5 months.

Hope this helps! Congrats and good luck!