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    Today I was pumping and noticed that there were a few drops of blood mixed in with the milk while I was pumping. It made me nervous. I really hate to throw any milk out as it gets harder and harder to come by. Is it okay to give to my 4 month old? Should I be concerned? I don't have health insurance for myself at the moment so I really don't want to have to make an OB visit if I don't have to. I was just wondering whether anyone else has encountered this problem. Thank you in advance for any help.

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    nope its fine to give to baby. a few drops can look scary in a bottle of milk but its very common. if you really want you can set the milk out for a hour and the blood will separate and you can skim it off.
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    I agree it's safe to give.

    I also wanted to add that I had this happen once, when I suddenly went from pumping once a day to many times a day, and I got so chaffed that a nipple cracked and bled. I was *horrified* at the time (it was a lot more than a few drops, and I was of course newly back-to-work and stressed). One thing that helped me in letting my breast recover even while still having to continue working/pumping was to learn to hand express, just on that side, for just a couple of days. I don't remember the sites I used, but there are webpages that explain how to hand-express - it's not hard, it's just non-obvious (ie, my first instincts were not actually the best way to do it and I was glad I looked it up!). I did not visit my OB for this (I did call the LC I'd used earlier in tears, who calmed me down and pointed me to the hand-expression idea....).

    I hope things feel much better very soon!
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