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Thread: A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

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    Lightbulb A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

    Hi, this is my first post here. I was told to come here by a few people I've met since having my daughter last month. I wanted to see if I could get some opinions about a few concerns I have.

    First, my girl lost almost a pound in the first week after her birth, and it took near 3 weeks to get her back to her birth weight, but I realized it's because I was definitely having problems with breastfeeding in the beginning and she did not seem to even want to eat really, so I never tried to get her to at first, which I regret now of course. It makes me feel like I was somewhat depriving her (more like I didn't have the proper knowledge ugh!), now I feel it's going a lot better though!

    I was told to breast feed and also supplement a little when it became clear she was not gaining enough (only a ounce or two of formula a day tops). She didn't like it much but once in a while she'd take the formula. I kept at it trying to breast feed her and give her a little formula to get her back to her birth weight, suddenly over night she just wanted to eat and eat, and now it's all of the time. I give her an ounce or two tops a day of formula, but she definitely prefers breast over bottle.

    Now that you know all of this, here's my questions/concerns.

    A thing I noticed is on a certain side when she's eating, she'll get kind of squirmy and breathe heavy and sometimes even lets go of the nipple before she finishes eating. It seems like she is really frustrated or something. This isn't every time, but I find it strange since this just started yesterday and she's been doing it more often. It makes me wonder if there's a problem with my milk (though I feel she is definitely getting enough since I almost always see milk in her mouth or on me if I check, but could it be how I am feeding her or something I wonder).

    Second, I am feeding her a lot, as in 3-4 times an hour even sometimes, sometimes she'll eat for 10-20 minutes and fall asleep, other times she'll stay on longer and slowly fall asleep. I try to feed her from both but a lot of the time I don't make it to the other side, so I start on that side most of the time during the next feeding. She gets really fussy if I would not feed her so of course I do. I figure since she's small anyway and almost a month, then her eating more is good right? Or is there something bad about this? Am I feeding her too much? Is there a too much? She is VERY demanding right now it seems, so I just give in and feed her whenever she wants!

    Also I noticed she was having a LOT of poopy diapers at first and not many wet ones, now it's the opposite, mostly wet heavy diapers, and not many poopy ones at all (I haven't seen a poopy one in almost 2 days now). Is this a concern? I assume the wet is very good (tells me she is hydrated more so now than previous), but the lack of poopy ones a problem?

    Thanks! Also sorry if this is a lot to read, I tried to finish it all here since I don't want to clog up the forums!!

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    Default Re: A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

    Welcome Mamma, you have come to the right place.
    many mothers nurse from one side per feeding, then if the baby takes a full a satisfying feeding, uses the other side for the next feeding two hours later. that way your breasts regulate to meet the demands of your baby.
    Just like your left hand and your right hand are not the same, so too with your breasts.
    Your baby may prefer one breast more and she may fuss and get "angry" at the other but she will learn to overcome life's little obstacles by nursing from both breasts equally through out the day.
    if she is being nursed 10-12 times a day, nursing from one side per feeding, if after what seemed like a full feeding she fusses more, nurse her more.
    the more she nurses the more milk you produce.
    the breast is never completely empty and you body makes most of your milk while the baby nurses.
    your LO will probably have an explosive poop sometime today.
    however if she does not move her bowels soon talk to your doctor just to play it safe.
    wet diapers usually out number the poops. but most babies at one month of age that are exclusively breastfed have 4 or more poops per day. then as they get older, around 3 months or so, the number of poops per day drops but the volume per poop goes way up.
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    Default Re: A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

    Sounds like a Growth Spurt. They hit them at 3, 6 and 12 weeks or thereabouts. They need to eat more so you make more.

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    Default Re: A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

    Maybe she gets fussy at the breast sometimes because she wants to just suckle. I have OALD and sometimes my little man handles it just fine but if he's not that hungry gets "mad" at my breast. It does sound like she could be going through a growth spurt. And as far as the poops go, that sounds pretty normal. http://www.llli.org/faq/bm.html You're doing Great! Keep it up!

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    Default Re: A few concerns (SEEKING OPINIONS/EXPERIENCE)..

    with PPs. This all sounds textbook normal, down to the poop frequency and everything. The fussiness might be a phase (babies do get fussy at the breast sometimes, it's normal) or it could be caused by a fast let-down, which is generally not a cause for concern if your baby is eating well overall. She unlatches when the flow gets too fast and then latches back on, so she handling it well herself. It does sound like a growth spurt. The best way to cope with a growth spurt is to park yourself on the couch with your baby for a couple of days and nurse, nurse, nurse (and watch bad television, or read a book ). After a day or two, your supply goes up and your baby gets more milk. (By the way, this is how you can wean yourself off those last couple ounces of formula too - just nurse that baby more, and supplement a little less, every day for a couple of days.) As long as you are seeing 6-8 wet diapers a day (don't even worry about poops, BF babies can poop anywhere from zero to one million times a day, all normal ), your baby is getting enough milk. So try to relax, you're doing a great job!!

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