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    I was lOoking around tonight for info on thrush and came across the clicking sound info which I noticed my dd doing on occasion. This is my second child but first time breast feeding. So it peaked my curiosity to read more and now I think we aren't doing well I read about how babies who nibble need supplementing and my dd does this too a lot or I just dont judge her drinking well. she is an inconsistent feeder to the t according to the info found here and I dont want her losing out on nutrion as well as she is always on the boob (maybe always hungry?). I am a plus size woman with huge boobs compared to my dd. My areolas are enormous and her mouth VERY tiny. I try compressing my areola down sup she can release the hind milk but not sure she is getting it... I dont want to hurt my child and also want this to work. I also worry about my inlaws judging me if she isnt getting what she needs since they seem short with the idea she always wants to feed and be with me or on the boob and not bounced around...My DD was born 5-25 weighing 6lb4oz when we left the hospital she weighed 5#14 oz her first apt she was at 6 days old and weighed 6#1 oz then 1 month apt was 24 days later she weighed 7#9oz... Diapers are good. Stools are yellow and watery about 1-2/day

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    Based on her weight gain and diaper output, it sounds like you're doing great! The only question I have is why were you originally looking up thrush?

    Your concerns seem to be that you sometimes hear a clicking, your DD 'nibbles,' you're not sure she's drinking well, she's always nursing, and you're not sure she's getting hind milk. I think you can put those fears to rest. In order to have gained an average of 7oz/week at her 1-mo checkup, she must be drinking well and getting hind milk. That being the case, I wouldn't worry about nibbling or occasional clicking. And it is completely normal for newborns to nurse constantly. It's hard to be confident breastfeeding, but it sounds like you have every reason to be.

    I can sympathize with you about the in-laws: literally every time I latch my 2-month-old my in-laws say, "My God, he's nursing again?!." I know it's hard, but try to ignore them. The baby will be happy to play soon enough. In the meantime, it's more important that the baby gets what she needs than that your in-laws get what they want.

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    Agree 100% with PP.
    Your LO is gaining weight, she loves to nurse, she has her own unique way regulating how much milk squirts into her mouth. infants do nurse alot . And the safest most secure place is in your arms, nursing from you, her sweet momma.
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    All my kids have "clicked" while nursing. My milk comes fast so they are trying to keep up. Do you think this happening with your lo? I agree with pp that she is gaining well and that you're doing great. Newborn babies nurse all the time, it is comforting to them. It may seem like you are not producing enough because they always seem hungry but based on her weight and output, she is getting all she needs from the breast. Keep up the good work mama. It seems overwhelming at times, but you can do it!

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    with the PPs. It sounds like you are doing fine! As long as diaper output and weight gain are good, then the basics of nursing are going well. Clicking often happens when a baby tries to control a fast letdown by breaking suction. If that is the issue, it should lessen in time as your milk supply adjusts to your baby's needs and she gets larger and stronger. Don't worry about the hindmilk- yellow stools indicate that your baby I getting it. If she wasn't, her poops would be green.

    When you say your baby is an "inconsistent" feeder, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that sometimes she wants to nurse soon after she last nursed? Or that she sometimes nurses for a long time and sometimes not? Or that sometimes she seems to suckle eagerly, and other times just nurses gently and doesn't seem to be taking in a lot of milk?

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