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    I have a few questions on nursing my two week old. I had an oversupply in the beginning and nowthat my supply has gone down, my breasts are more soft and floppy and it seems like he has nipple confusion due to the breast change. Will this go away, will he get used to it? He has lots of wet diapers so I'm not concerned that he is not getting enough milk but sometimes he just gets really frustrated eatting when he used to latch on so well. Also, his poop is still yellow and seedy but the last two days it seems kind of mucousy, is this normal or is he getting too much foremilk? I nurse him on one side.

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    I had a similar issue with oversupply and while correcting the issue by feeding from one side a day, I felt like my breasts weren't heavy or full. So I began feeding from 1 side for 1/2 the day, then switching. I'd do this for two days then go back to one side a day.

    As long as your wet & poopy diapers are on track you're in good shape. LO is still adjusting to all the changes that are inevitable with BF. Keep offering the breasts and they will fell more full soon. Good luck!
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