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Thread: Has be become an efficent feeder??

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    Default Has be become an efficent feeder??

    DS is 9weeks and has silent reflux. We have just had an increase in meds and as a result he now happily feeds instead of yanking, clamping down and tossing his head round and grimacing in pain.

    But his feeds have dramatically reduced in time and I am a little unsure if he has just become an efficient feeder or if he is getting enough hind milk. His suck also doesn’t seem as strong as before.

    His feeds used to take a good 45min-1hr but now he is done in 20-25min max. He also never used to pop off when his finished but now he does, and if I try to put him back on the same side he has a few sucks and then comes off again, and starts to get upset. While my breast feels relatively soft when he comes off,
    I can easily hand express milk off so it squirts out (often from 2-3 ducts) instead of just trickles out. So there is still plenty of milk left in there for him. He is no longer doing a lot of comfort sucking that he used to do.

    He is happy and content after a feed, and although he still sticks his tongue round and in and out of his mouth after a feed, he will continue to pop on and off if I offer it again.

    He is still having plenty of wet nappies so I guess I can assume from that that he is getting enough. He isn’t sleeping well but then that isn’t anything new for him. He will still go 3hrly between feeds too. He hasn’t been weighed since this has started but he looks as if he is putting on weight.

    I just worry that he isn’t getting enough hind milk?? Has he just become an efficent feeder since he is no longer in pain??

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    Default Re: Has be become an efficent feeder??

    Since diaper output is okay, my guess is that he has just become more efficient at the breast. It's kind of freaky when it happens! If there's any doubt in your mind, go to the pediatrician's for a weight check.

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    Default Re: Has be become an efficent feeder??

    Thanks for your reply. It seems that today he has shortened it even more, but seems happy enough so he must be getting enough.

    Freaky is an understatment. It just happened literally overnight, which is why I am so taken back by it all.

    It is kind of a good thing in a way as I also have a toddler who likes getting into trouble while I am feeding, so now there is less time for him to cause havoc!!

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    Default Re: Has be become an efficent feeder??

    I don't have experience w/ the efficient feeding, but your comment about sleep caught my eye...

    I've been realizing lately that LO sleeps better the more sleep he gets. If I try to put him to sleep way before he seems tired, it goes much better than waiting. Since working on putting him down more, he also seems to be "requesting" more sleep, and one of the ways he does this is by popping off (and on) the breast - but being fussy about it the whole time. once i wrap him up & walk him around, he calms down & gets all sleepy on me.
    (he used to not go to bed til he had comfort sucked for hours & then finally popped off, asleep, at 10ish. now he fusses but will go down between 730 & 9)

    your LO could be completely different, but it just reminded me of my new experience.
    Mother to Seth, born 4/1/11: 5 lb. 13 oz.
    5/2/11 - 8 lb 12 oz. 6/1/11 - 11 lb 12 oz.
    7/1/11 - 14 lb *unofficial* 8/1/11 - 16 lb 3 oz
    10/3/11 - 18 lb

    Good job, growing boy!

    Weaned from a nipple shield in late July!!!

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