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Thread: My baby is super fussy!

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    Default My baby is super fussy!

    I've been trying to relactate, and I started latching my baby on again even though I don't have any milk yet. Ever since I started doing that, my baby has been really fussy. She was constipated, but I gave her some Karo syrup, and now she's not, but still fussy. She also doesn't seem to want to eat much anymore, even though I think she's hungry. Could she just want to latch on and bf? She has relatched pretty well, and when I do latch her on, she sucks hard like she expects milk. What's going on with her?

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    Default Re: My baby is super fussy!

    i think you might benefit from a visit with a professional IBCLC . I am reluctant to offer you anything other than kudos for wanting to relactate and I am sending positive energy your way. Did your pediatrician know you treated constipation with Karo Syrup? Was the formula binding her up?
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