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Thread: Relactation question

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    Question Relactation question

    This might sound like a daft question but does RELACTATION really mean that - even if you are not pregnant (and never gave birth), you can actually train your body to produce milk?

    I have a friend who did not breastfeed her son. He is now 4 years old but is constantly sick. I am wondering if she can relactate and give him some of her breast milk. Will relactating damage the breast tissues since it was not in a condition for milk production?

    My little girl who is now 5 yo has never been sick the first year of her life when she was on breast milk. Now I have a new baby, I am nursing and pumping at the same time and giving older sister the extra breast milk.

    Hopefully, the "magic milk" as my 5 year old likes to call it will do some good for her too.

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    Yes, even if you have never been pregnant or given birth, it is possible to produce milk. Milk production is controlled primarily by the endocrine system, not the reproductive system. Relactation will not damage the breast. In fact, making milk is good for your entire body, and the longer you lactate, the better it is for you.

    Now, if your friend relactated, would the milk be good for her 4 year old? Yes, absolutely. But it's not a "get out of all illness free" card. He's still going to get sick sometimes, and if you want to suggest this path to your friend, I suggest not overselling the benefits of breastmilk. Relactation is a lot of work, and it's not going to prevent a kid from coming down with the flu and colds and strep and what have you. It may prevent some, and lessen the duration and intensity of an illness, but at age 4 I personally would step up hand washing before taking the relactation road.

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