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Thread: Natural milk thickners??

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    Default Natural milk thickners??

    Is there anythign i can take to make my milk thicker??

    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Blessed thistle helps??

    DS has silent reflux and the gavsicon is making him very constipated, so just looking for more friendlier option to add to his Losec and my dairy free diet.

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    Default Re: Natural milk thickners??

    I know some mamas on here have created a "higher calorie" thicker form of breastmilk by pumping and skimming off the cream to give to their babies. Normally, breastmilk is perfect as-is and there is no need to "thicken" it, but you could try giving your baby the cream to see if he keeps that down better. I'm sorry, I don't know about Blessed Thistle.

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    Default Re: Natural milk thickners??

    Blessed thistle might help. I read coconut products could help too.

    I had four babies with reflux. Perhaps ask about alternative meds?
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