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Thread: gassy / fussy baby please help

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    i have a three week old that is really gassy and fussy. i am breastfeeding, watching what i eat, and supplementing with formula at night only occasionally. i'm not quite sure what to do. i tried the over the counter drops for gassy infants. and i tried massaging him but nothing works. i just feel bad because he's in terrible pain! should i give up breastfeeding and switch to a formula that is specifically designed for fussy and gassy babies? any other suggestions?

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    Congrats on your baby!

    It's my opinion that there is nothing more gentle and pure for a sensitive belly than breastmilk. Is there a specific time of day he is gassy? Have you tried eliminating the formula to see if it's that? Are there any other symptoms? What do poops look like?
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    my baby needed to be nursed from about 7-10pm for awhile. it was for comfort, he really just kept the breast in his mouth and sucked while he slept.

    i hear a lot of women get nervous and think the baby is hungry at night and that their breasts are "empty" or just not satisfying the hunger. then they give a bottle and the baby sucks it down. keep in mind that bottles are very different from the breast, the liquid just flows out.

    many babies just need to suck and suck at different points of the day.

    just keep the baby close and give the breast as often as the baby cues. i find that sucking HELPS my baby pass the gas. you can try "bicycles" too.

    let us know how it goes.

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    Cool Re: gassy / fussy baby please help

    My baby's gas is also alleviated best while he nurses. I usually hold him with one arm while he sucks and I pump his legs with the other and he toots away! Good luck!
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    Those formula commercials make it look so easy, right? Their miracle liquid is designed to soothe gassy and sensitive babies. And look at that relaxed mom in her clean house, cuddling her adorable cooing baby! It looks good, right? I know it did to me when I was having trouble nursing my firstborn.

    Mama, formula companies prey on your feelings of insecurity and vulnerability, and your love for your child. They make their living from convincing moms that their milk isn't good enough. Well, forget it. Your milk is way better for your baby than anything that comes from a can.

    Can you tell us more about your baby, what he's doing, how you can tell he's in pain, what time of day the pain seems worst, and what his weight gain and poops are like? Sometimes there's a clue in the baby's behavior that will reveal what the root cause of his discomfort is. It can be allergies, it can be reflux, it can be difficulty managing the milk flow, sometimes it's colic. Hopefully we can help you tease out a reasonable hypothesis, and give you some helpful strategies for managing whatever is causing you and your baby distress.

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    http://www.llli.org/nb/nbjanfeb98p13.html I know you said you massaged but this reallly worked for me, also block feeding. I do the massage a couple times a day when I notice my son getting squirmy with gas.
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