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Thread: Nothing is working - please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*blap View Post
    Feeding him 3hourly then giving 120ml top up
    Using compressions when he feeds
    Letting him go longer overnight (~5hours)
    Expressing as often as I can - generally max of 6/day
    Using a hospital grade breast pump to double pump since 2 days ago (previously hand or small electric pump)
    Taking fenugreek and domperidone at max dose
    Eating porridge for breakfast

    I tried a "nursing vacation" a couple of weeks ago but that seemed to make no difference either.

    Despite this my expressed volumes are going down. I've never needed breast pads and my son does not seem to ever finish a feed from me i.e. he never comes off the breast awake and satisfied. He will fall asleep there but once wakes when moved and is still hungry. Left to just breast feeding, feeds would just run into each other and eventually he would starve.
    Babies are supposed to doze off while breastfeeding. It's full of happy feel-good drowsiness-inducing hormones to ideally set up baby to thrive: stay with mama, eat frequently so both of you are healthy (meaning keep mama from getting mastitis and make a huge abundant supply of milk) and get lots of rest to grow. Be assured. It's a formula that works. Give it the chance to work by feeding lots, often, and offering the breast even when your LO hasn't cued yet.

    Breast compressions--good. Check Kellymom on how much milk is common to get, it's something like 1/2-2oz (convert ot metric if needed) per pump session is a sign of an abundant supply! The quantity needed for breastmilk versus artifical milk is drastically different, because the more product a baby needs, the higher the manufacturer's profits, so formula-fed babies need mroe formula than bf ones need expressed breastmilk. Count nappies and you will know how things are going. Kellymom has a nappy count tool in one of the three links I just replied with.

    Try pumping at approximately the same time every day and within a few days your body will 'figure out' that you need a lot of milk at that hour and will increase output. Your double pump is going to help too, as it's suspected that double pumping releases even more milk more quickly than a single pump. A hand pump is not suitable for anything other than going out for short periods very infrequently.

    Going longer between nighttime feeds--I don't understand the logic of that if you are trying to increase LO's weight and your supply, but I *can* understand pure exhaustion and being fed up with feedings. Consider sleeping safely with your baby to increase your milk supply and reduce a little bit of the daytime feeding frequencies. Again, if it's warm where you're at you might be sleeping with just a sheet, which is a very safe environment for a baby to sleep in. Look up safe sleeping tips by Googling Dr James McKenna or askdrsears and their safe sleeping tips. I am very well rested and always was, even with nighttime feedings that were 4-5x/night. The other bonus is nighttime is when prolactin (milk-making- hormones peak, that's why you have the most milk first thing in the morning. If you take advantage of that and do several nighttime feedings your prolactin will go up even further.

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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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    Thanks for the further advice.

    I'm working on putting my son to bed earlier so he wakes overnight for a feed to fed at a higher prolactin time. I tried waking to express at that time but just turned off the alarms and fell asleep again. I am really tired come night time. I'll keep trying though. unfortunately life has been busy because we are selling our house and hoping to move.

    We are in Scotland so the weather is not fab. Although today it is good and we are going to go out for lunch. I have a stretchy sling/baby carrier so I can give sling feeding a go. We can co-sleep a bit but my 6' tall husband sleeps very soundly so I can't put our baby between us. Plus the bed dips. Just a sheet would be too chilly on the bed here.

    I shall keep plodding on. We are back at the clinic tomorrow for another weigh-in.

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