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Thread: Im sick and notice while I am pumping

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    Question Im sick and notice while I am pumping

    that my milk supply has dropped. I am pumping while the baby is with grandma so I dont get her sick. Is there any way to get my milk supply up???? I am worried because I know that the antibodies that I pass to her will be a benefit to her.

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    Can your mom come help out at your house so you can get the rest you need and your daughter can breastfeed directly? Your antibodies will help her and since she has already been exposed it probably won't put her at any more risk of being sick by being with you. And, if she does get a cold, I've found with DS that by nursing they haven't lasted very long or been very bad.

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    The best way to support your baby's immune system and to protect your milk supply is to breastfeed. As the pp said, by the time you started feeling sick, your baby had almost certainly already been exposed to it -- most common illnesses are contagious for days before symptoms develop. There is no need to keep your baby away from you, so bring her home and just nurse as much as you can.

    Rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat well. If you've had a lot of vomiting, then your milk supply may temporarily drop, but the more you nurse, the faster it will return to normal.


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