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    i was reading about storing breast milk and someone mentioned they used sensibleline milk trays. i looked into them and i really like the concept since i have noticed some milk does go to waste in the plastic bags. but i have a few questions for those of you using them or something similar.

    1.) when they are frozen and you transfer them, do you transfer them all in to the same container/ bag?

    2.) how many do you put into the same container/bag?

    3.) can you open the container to take some out?

    4.) how do you reheat? the same as bag?

    anything else i should know?, i want to buy them soon.

    thanks in advance

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    I had never heard of them until reading your post. Huh. Sort of a neat idea. I'd been concerned that they'd stick together in the storage bag and turn into one big icy wad of milk. If fact, I'd be shocked if they didn't.

    Report back if you end up getting them!!
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    I just looked them up on Amazon and the reviews are terrible. It says that the lids don't fit on tightly, so the milk spills out and that you can't fit enough sticks into bottles to defrost. Darn. I really liked the concept.

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