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Thread: How often should I pump to relactate?

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    Default How often should I pump to relactate?

    I stopped bf my baby when she was 2 days shy of 3 weeks old. Now I am regretting my decision and am wondering how often should I pump to begin to relactate?

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    Default Re: How often should I pump to relactate?

    How old is your LO now? the simple answer to your question is as often as you can. Ideally every 2 to 3 hours with a good pump would be a good start. Will your LO still latch on and nurse? the best way to increase or get back a milk supply is a nursing LO. this link has some more info about relactating. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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    Default Re: How often should I pump to relactate?

    with rcsmom's. There's no such thing as too often when you're trying to relactate, so the more sessions you slip in the faster the process will go.

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