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Thread: Sign of first PPAF?

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    Default Sign of first PPAF?

    Hi all! I'm new to the boards but hoping for some insight. I just passed the one-year mark nursing my DS. Lately I've had some terrible nipple pain on both sides. Position doesn't seem to make a difference, and while he is teething again, I hadn't noticed this problem with previous teeth.

    I keep thinking my AF *might* be returning (fertile quality CM, some acne), but nothing yet. As anyone experienced nipple pain before their AF returned? (Or any other symptoms I might be on the lookout for?)


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    Yes. I have, around the time of ovulation.
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    Default Re: Sign of first PPAF?

    Its been so long since I've breastfed last and its been years since I've last had AF. I do not recall having increased nipple pain during ovulation, but what would i know, I was pregnant or nursing some one for 10 years straight.
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    Default Re: Sign of first PPAF?

    Anything is possible! I've only had AF once since before I was pregnant and that was 5 months ago! A lot of women do get nipple pain before whether they are nursing or not.
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    Default Re: Sign of first PPAF?

    With both my children, AF did return after the one-year mark. With my first I felt like my body was ramping up for it for a couple of months. With my second, I had been pumping extra milk to donate to a milk bank, I quit pumping when he hit one year (they can't take milk beyond that), and that was enough to trigger the return of fertility. And I do remember definite nipple pain as a precursor. I remember wondering, Is it going to be like this every month? Thankfully it hasn't been. I think I also had chocolate cravings.

    My nipples do get sore when DS is teething, so it could be that, too.
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    Default Re: Sign of first PPAF?

    I was extremely lucky and didn't see any signs of AF until LO was 2 and a half but I have noticed about a week before my nipples are very tender which at first seemed odd to me too but then I figured it was in relation to AF. However it seems to be diminishing I didn't notice it as much last month.
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