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    I am a new mom after 18 years. I have never breast fed my children until my last baby girl. It has been going really well up until about a month ago. Raegann will be 8 months this tuesday. I have found that my pumping at work isnt producing near what it did at first. I have tried the herbal remedies and to no avail. I am about half of my usual output. I am going to have to suplement her with something else while she it at the sitters unless I can get more milk. Any suggestions on both issue? How can i boost mlk production?? What should I give her along with my breast milk.....formula or whole milk??? Any advice would be so welcomed. I love breast feeding and am no where near ready to stop. I wish i would have fed my other babies.

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    i am glad you came to this website b/c this is alot of great tried and true information and help available. check out the RESOURCES tab on the top of this page and you can search out info on building a milk supply, working and breastfeeding , etc...
    you are probably doing that right now.
    sometimes milk production in impacted by a breastpump that needs a little tweaking. Before making yourself take the blame, check the pump!
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    Are you able to add in another pumping session in the am before you leave for work - after/when you feed your baby? That's what I had to do to get just enough milk to cover when I was at work.

    Also, have you checked out the pumping forum? There is good advice in there on how to maximize your pumping output.

    How often and how long are you pumping at work and how long are you away for?
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    Could it possibly be a problem with the pump? Having old membranes and/or valves really makes a difference in the way the pump performs and how much milk you get out.
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    Are you pumping any on the weekends? My supply started going down a little bit and I added a session on the weekends. That does two things for me- one, I get a little extra for insurance and two, it increases my milk supply so I pump more out during the week.

    Have you tried eating oatmeal as well?

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