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Thread: back to work away from home: help please

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    Hi, I am not sure how this works as never been on a forum or site like this before, but I am expecting to blast my message off into the ether and lots of amazing more experienced breastfeeding mums to answer....not sure this is quite how it works but here goes! Emily is my first baby, currently 8 1/2 months, still breastfeeding loads in the day and 2 or 3 times a night. so far I have only left her for an afternoon or so.

    I am in a tricky work situation and have to return to a job two hours away from home for 17 and1/2 hours a week. just for 3 months in order not to pay back my maternity pay. this wil mean staying away one or two nights a week, but it is only temporary. I really don't want to give up breastfeeding and i get the feeling that emily doesn't either. I have managed to postpone going back to work until she is 11 months by taking unpaid leave, so don't want to do anything drastic until then, but i have to do a few bits and bobs of work over the next few months, including two training days whete i will have to stay away overnight in about two weeks time. My partner pete will be looking after emily this time i go away, and I have hand expressed bottles and frozen it(no luck with the pump) for this fisrt trip, but not sure what will happen after that. Will my milk supply survive being away two nights a week if i just hand express? (i know its not ideal but seems the best and easiest way i get most out) or will emily loose interest? i guess further down the line isn't my biggest worry as she will be older and eating more, but i am really worried about this trip coming up as she is still breatfeeding loads and if i am not there in the night will it totally freak her out if her dad is there
    with a bottle? also should i be practising before hand and having a night away from her, or trying to wean her a little bit by giving her bottles, even though i am not properly going back to work till oct?

    am sure i am irrationally panicky and have total fear of seperation anxiety but hey, any suggestions gratefully recieved, am really enjoying brestfeeding and would like to keep going as long as possible . cheers! zoe xxx

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    As long as you continue to express milk while you are away and nurse while you are together your milk supply should with stand being away from your lo while you work. Especially with an almost year long nursing relationship. Established. Some families find that their partner or a grandparent can also go on overnight trips and stay in the hotel with the baby while mom is working. That way baby is close and can continue to nurse at night.
    Has your lo ever taken a bottle or sippy cup?
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    I agree. While, as you say, it's not ideal, I think at this point in your breastfeeding relationship, you can survive a night or two away as long as you continue to nurse when you are together as long as you express at least before bed and in the early morning (more if you are engorged). Your supply should be pretty well established by this point.

    It would definitely helpful to try a bottle and see if she takes it - leave dad to try it (some babies won't take a bottle if mom and her nice milky breasts are present). They'll figure out a routine without you, so don't worry too much about that.

    I have moved heaven and earth to avoid nights away from my baby, including taking my husband or my mom along with me on trips. I realize it's probably not possible to do this twice a week or whatever, but it might be possible sometimes.

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