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Thread: 4 Weeks Old - Not pooping - not waking that often either!

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    Unhappy 4 Weeks Old - Not pooping - not waking that often either!


    I breastfed my son for 11 months. He was a great nurser and a great eater...this LO is totally different.

    First - she has acid reflux and is on zantac for that (and is much happier now)...and also seems to be colicky (cries from 7pm - 10pm every night). We are seeing the ped about it and also even trying a chiropractor for help.

    My question though is she is not pooping daily. She is peeing frequently though.

    Her first week - she pooped a few times a day...maybe 3.
    The second week it was like 1x a day.
    The third week it was like 1x every two or three days.
    Now at 4 weeks it's about every 3-4 days.

    When she goes it's a huge poop - but it still bothers me that she doesn't go daily - and never really has. When she goes its yellow liquidy poo (not hard or dry).

    She is gaining weight (born at 7.11, left hospital at 7.4...now at 4 weeks is 9.8lbs)....and doesn't want to eat more then every 3 hours or so (and that is with me waking her to eat sometimes).

    At night she is only waking to eat 1-2x per night. Maybe every 4 hours - last night she went 5.

    The ped's only suggestion was to use a suppository if she seemed uncomfortable...

    This is just so different for my son who wanted to eat like 10x a day - at LEAST every 3 hours (day and night)...and pooped like 5x a day at least while this young.

    I don't know whether to wake her to eat at night - leave her alone - or what. She is only nursing like 8x per day right now...and if I try to nurse her more often she just isn't interested...

    Even now - she last nursed at 10am - and it's 1:30pm - and she hasn't woken up hungry - so I'm going to go wake her myself to eat.
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    Isn't it amazing the differences between LOs? Some are so urgent about nursing that they nurse all the time then some are like your DD and are very laid back about it. I think that *I* would still be trying to wake your DD every three hours to eat. There are some LOs who are so laid back that they won't cue often enough. The important thing to remember is to make sure that she is having enough wet/dirty diapers. These links have some more info to help you.

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    I'd let her sleep @ night and make sure she gets at least 8 nursings in 24hrs, since she seems to be gaining/peeing well. It's okay for her poops to slow down @ this point.
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    Some BF babies are so efficient at using every drop of BM that they don't poop. One of my boys would go about 14 days between poops. Enjoy the non-poopy diapers! So don't rush out and buy a suppository BF babies don't get constipated.
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