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Thread: So frustrated! Please help!

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    Default So frustrated! Please help!

    Hi everyone.
    My LO is 6 weeks old. So far, BF has mostly been good other than some basic sleepy baby issues in the beginning. She's been doing great but lately, she has been acting strangely at some of our BF sessions. I feed her on demand and she nurses 8-12 x/ day and her output is great. She rarely spits up and is a very content baby. Recently, at some of our feedings, mostly at night, she opens her mouth to latch but just shakes her head back ond forth with her mouth open and won't latch. Sometimes its after she has nursed for a few minutes, sometimes its at the beginning of the feeding. This will go on for several minutes until she gets so frustrated that she just screams. Then I calm her down and keep trying. Sometimes she will eventually latch and feed fine and other times she won't and will eventually fall asleep. It's frustrating for me because I know she needs to eat.

    Does anyone have any ideas? My DS never did this. I'm so frustrated that things were going so well... Thanks in advance.

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    My little guy did that once in a while when he was about that age. I never did figure out why he did it and he eventually stopped. I found that if I was able to get calmed back down he would usually nurse fine. It didn't imact our nursing relationship- he is still nursing now at 27 months. One thing I suspected that it could be was possibly reflux but like I said it was sporadic and eventually went away so I never really pursued it.

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    My babies did the same thing. At around six weeks of age it was as though a night time crying jag was pre-scheduled. My aunt told me not to feel guilty or responsible for this behavior. She studied anthropology and she said it was common across all cultures for infants to experience this. So I just held and rocked and sang and burped and nursed when the baby settled down.
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    could be a growth spurt, where they just need to nurse more often or the end of a growth spurt where the ask to nurse less. Who knows. IT sounds like your doing the right things counting diapars and watching weight gain. At that age you cann't nurse too much but you can nurse to little.

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