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    I posted here yesterday about pumping to relactate, but has anyone had success with just using an SNS? I hate pumping and what I really miss about bf is my dd being close to me latched on, so I was thinking about just solely doing SNS. Can anyone give me advice (any amount will help) about using one?

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    great idea! SNS or Lact-aides are great for a baby who willingly suckles from the breast But... momma you have to put something in the bags and your pumped milk, if available, will supply your baby with your milk, a pump will kick up your supply until your LO learns how to nurse again. also, you might want to learn how to hand express just to familiarize your self with how the breasts work.
    of course you can fill the bags with donated milk or formula if pumping is not on your radar, but ....Pumping and expressing your milk is associated with successful relactation.
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    I tried latching my dd on yesterday and today and she took to it pretty well. Not a perfect latch, but pretty good. And now she seems to not want her bottle. This is good, and I'm hoping that I can start to relactate with just the sns.

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