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from oversupply land!

I agree w/ Erin and mommal. Especially for just occasional use, you don't really want a stash at all. Everyone talks about a freezer stash, but the only time you really want to try to build up a big one is if you are EPing and can't adjust your supply to your baby's demands naturally (with nursing).=
And even then, when EPing, you have to control it! My freezer is FULL. I had to cut it back because I couldn't keep buying freezers, and it would be nice to store some food But I have the stash so I can quit when I choose to and still provide milk to my baby.

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Ok... so how do I stop this vicious cycle? I am SO full all of the time. If I don't pump it out, I am in pain... like I just had to get out of bed to take motrin and pump because it hurts so bad I can't sleep.
Five day old baby....I let it run its course. Hand express. Let what drips out come out. Hot shower and let to stream out. Cold cabbage leaves. NO MORE PUMPING. Nurse baby. I would not get aggressive with it because you don't want to cut it too far too soon.

Just nurse