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Thread: Fenugreek and supply

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    Default Fenugreek and supply

    Hi all,
    I went to the bf clinic today and lo has only gained 3 oz in 2 weeks. Now even they are recommending I supplement, or try to greatly increase my supply so she may get more during her short feeds (only ate 2 oz at today's "test" feeding). So of course I'm going the way of trying to increase my supply. If it came down to it and she needed a faster flow than I could give, I'd want to pump and use a bottle. But we'll cross that bridge later.

    So my question is to all you ladies that have taken Mother's Milk, Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek and Reglan. Can you take Reglan with Mother's Milk? I know MM has both Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle in it. I just don't know if the herbals can be taken with the Reglan. This may be horrible, but I was talking with another mom at the clinic who had major supply issues who used Reglan. I have extra Reglan because my older daughter used to take it for reflux. The mom took 5 ml/3 x day for two days, nursed as frequently as baby would allow and pumped every two hours for 3 days. Now her baby is thriving and taking 5.5 oz in 10 minutes. I'd be thrilled if we could get to that point!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm NOT ready to give up!


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    Default Re: Fenugreek and supply

    I don't have a lot of experience with low supply but I am experiencing it now. I do know that the amounts of those herbs in the mother's milk tea are negligible compared to the amounts needed to increase your supply. I don't know if its okay to take Reglan with those herbs though, so hopefully someone will pipe in with more information. I haven't noticed a big difference with the fenugreek and blessed thistle yet, but I am still increasing my dose to get to the correct amount.

    You are making the right choice, trying to continue breastfeeding. Hopefully you can get things moving in the right direction. And hopefully bumping this thread up will help!

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    Default Re: Fenugreek and supply

    Hi there!

    I took Reglan and fenugreek and blessed thistle together and had no side effects other than the curious maple smell that fenugreek produces. If you're having supply issues, which I also battled, I strongly suggest you add some pumping to your routine, using a good electric pump or, preferably, a hospital-grade rental pump. (Make sure you have correctly-sized collection cups- that is, the part that fits over the nipple- to ensure maximum stimulation and avoid nipple damage.) Also, I suggest you see a good LC, preferably an IBCLC. And, if you can swing the cash, a rental scale is also a good thing. That way you can weigh your LO before and after feeds and get a sense of how much milk is being transferred, and get a sense of what a good feed is like. You can also use it to check your LO's weight, and make sure that weight gain is happening. Good luck!!! There's light at the end of the tunnel.

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