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Thread: Relactation in progress, hit another speedbump.

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    Default Relactation in progress, hit another speedbump.

    To save time, I'll give you a backround in a nutshell. My son is 6 weeks old, perfectly healthy, great delivery, great baby. He didn't latch on in the hospital, I was given a nipple shield, nursed until he was two weeks old and developed a breast infection due to the nipple shield not allowing proper stimulation-complete draining of the breasts, amongst other problems. We stopped nursing for a couple weeks, after I developed a hospital grade fever, and felt like breastfeeding was keeping me away from my child(someone else had to come take care of him while I was sick). At 5 weeks old, I noticed my son latching on to my arm, so I offered him the breast and BAM he latched! I am now pumping every 1.5 hours during the day, and 4-6 hours at night, getting about 6-8 oz a day(when I first started relactating about a week ago, I was only getting 1 oz/day). This is in addition to nursing him until he gets frustrated(about 5 minutes) on each breast before each bottle, every 3-4 hours. AND, nursing him to sleep(usually just suckling, but sometimes will get a letdown) in between his feedings.

    My problem is, when it is time for him to eat his bottle(every 3-4 hours) he is very reluctant to nurse. He suckles, pops off, crys, trys again, whines and cries while sucking. It usually involves 10 minutes of me nursing, calming him down( I think because he doesn't get breastmilk within the first few seconds) and trying again. I am thinking this is because my breasts are not full enough, but I am not sure. I finally experience the opposite breast leaking, when I feel a let down while nursing him, but unlike when we breastfed the first two weeks of his life, I do not leak milk when it is time for him to eat. I would like some advice that helps show that when I finally can nurse him exclusively(when I begin to make enough milk again) that it will not be a constant struggle!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Relactation in progress, hit another speedbump.

    I should probably add that he WAS taking a 5 oz bottle around every 4 hours, and now he eats 3-4 oz from his bottle, depending on how long he nurses.

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    Default Re: Relactation in progress, hit another speedbump.

    Welcome, and congratulations on the new baby and on getting him back to the breast! What you're experiencing sounds normal. After 6 weeks of bottles, your baby probably expects a bottle when it's time to eat. You might want to try putting him to the breast every couple of hours, instead of waiting 3-4 hours. Young babies tend to eat much more frequently than every 3-4 hours, and you may experience less resistance if the baby is in a playful mood, instead of already being hungry. The following links should be helpful:


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    Default Re: Relactation in progress, hit another speedbump.

    Wow! Congratulations on getting your son back to the breast. That's wonderful, and it sounds like you're doing well, although it's a hard road.

    I haven't faced a relactation issue, but there are definitely moms here who have. I just wanted to ask if you are familiar with Medela's SNS or anything like it?


    I used it with my second child who had major sucking problems (couldn't even feed successfully from a bottle), and it helped me supplement him at the breast. He went through a period of breast refusal, and he did have bottles and developed "flow confusion." He wanted milk immediately, and even though there was enough in the breast, he didn't want to have to wait for a let down to get it. The SNS let him have milk immediately, and then I could close off the tubing when he had sucked long enough to get a let down. If he was too fussy to take the breast, sometimes putting the tube on the end of my finger and letting him start his meal that way enabled me to calm him enough to then get him to the breast.

    The additional links on the kellymom site above go through all sorts of information, SNS included, but I just thought it might be of interest to you if someone shared her (successful) experience with it.

    I also second the tip to try getting your baby to the breast more frequently. It is hard to (re-)learn a skill when you're hungry, easier to practice when you're content.

    Again, though, congratulations. I hope you are proud of yourself and him for what you're doing.
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    agree w pp
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