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Thread: Thoughts on weaning and how long to eat...

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    Default Thoughts on weaning and how long to eat...

    Sorry guys seem like I'm asking a lot of questions...

    DS is almost 1 and since I'm pregnant again I would like to start weaning but I'm absolutely distressed by it. He doesn't nurse as much as he used to and eats solids whenever we eat. I just feel like I do need to have him weaned soon so I won't be nursing two kids! I don't want that. I trust that he'll stop by himself but at the same time, I'm worried it won't come soon enough. My husband (bless his heart) doesn't seem to understand or get how hard this is for me to wean. I want to do it as gently as possible. Any suggestions???

    Then!!! This morning it took him like an hour eat his solids?? Is this normal? I guess it doesn't help that he hates sitting in one place for so long and would rather go somewhere, play then come back to me to feed him... but one hour?! Talk about having something else on the list of having my baby not letting me do anything... Now he's nursing on top of that. How do I know he's eaten enough because it seems like he's a bottomless pit if I let him eat all day. And should he eat every 2-3 hours or so? Solids, I mean.

    I guess mostly I want support and some advice and to complain hehe. Thanks for letting me rant.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on weaning and how long to eat...

    I'm just about 34 weeks pregnant and nursing my DD still. We are in the process of weaning and are down to maybe a 2-3 times a week. My DD is much older (3) than your LO though, and that might have made it easier to wean. I don't know. I really don't have any advice, I just know where you are coming from. I don't really want to nurse 2 either. But I think had I gotten pg much earlier, I may have considered it. My DD seemed to nurse alot and need alot when she was that old. Sorry for being rambly.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on weaning and how long to eat...

    One year olds tend to nurse a lot. And, at times, take forever eating solids too. And they tend to "graze" all day, IME. I would try not to stress about solids - just provide solids when your baby is hungry, and try not to worry if "mealtimes" don't always go as planned (sometimes they'll want to eat TONS, and other times they barely touch their food - both are totally normal and nothing to worry about). You can set some limits on nursing, though. You can limit the amount of time you nurse, or you can try to distract your baby and encourage him to skip a nursing altogether. Rather than thinking in terms of "weaning," it might be easier to think in terms of eliminating one session at a time. As you cut out a session or two, you might feel better about the other sessions, or you might need to cut out more sessions - either is fine. Take it gradually, and go easy on yourself, and your little boy. You're bound to have some hiccups - some days when he wants to nurse more - and that's okay. Your milk supply may go down a lot at some point, and your baby boy may wean himself. But in the meantime, just take it one day at a time.

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